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Challenges in Tracking Marketing Effectiveness

Here are 10 problems you’ll probably encounter when tracking your marketing metrics:

You get information from multiple tracking and analytics systems that are complicated to set up.

You can’t afford six to seven figures to purchase a tracking system. You need to start small and scale up as your company grows, not drop a bundle up front.

You can’t afford a staff of data analysts to make sense of the information from these systems and other data sources.

You’re frustrated by attempting to set up a sales funnel that scales profitably with cold traffic.

You can’t build an easy and accurate way to see exactly what’s working (and not working) in your marketing funnel so you can grow your business.

You spend hours each week clicking between spreadsheets and columns, building your own reports to get the answers you need—and hoping you got it right.

You worry about making mistakes because you still can’t trust the information you get from Google Analytics or other tracking systems.

You can’t track the entire customer journey over time from first-optin to sale.

You get conflicting and redundant attributions of sales to lead sources.

You can’t connect a sale in Shopify to the lead source.

These problems affect large enterprises and small companies alike.

They create difficulty and expense for marketing agencies collecting data for their clients. They make life difficult for marketers who need to use their budgets wisely and justify their expenses to senior management.

Some people become so annoyed and stymied that they decided to create their own system. Only that’s another whole job in addition to the one they have. Some throw up their hands—defeated by the cost and complexity. Still others just roll their eyes and settle for a fraction of what their business requires.

You need a simple, affordable tracking system that doesn’t require a huge budget, skilled technical help and a staff of data analysts to understand.

That’s the Wicked Reports Difference

People-based tracking from Wicked Reports solves these problems with patented software that takes a different approach to tracking marketing programs. It’s designed for marketers and priced for companies that want to ease their way in and grow along with their sales funnel.

For the first time you get the data you need, when you need it and in reports that are easy to understand. You even get intelligent analytics that can understand your English-language questions.

These solutions make a huge difference for accuracy, affordability, reliability, ease of use and speed of reporting in small companies, medium-sized enterprises, agencies, and consultancies.

Wicked Reports even provides marketing training programs that help you understand how to grow your business profitably.

Start now with Wicked Reports and you’ll never look back

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