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The Wicked Reports Coach saves you 10 hours a week mining your marketing attribution data to pinpoint opportunities for growth and detecting areas of ad spend waste, all on autopilot.


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Time and Attention

Marketing attribution has not been easy for users to get the true potential and insights from their data.

This is the normal “ask” of media buyers from marketing attribution platforms


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⦿ Time and attention to detail to get setup

⦿ Time and attention to learn how to use the software

⦿ Time and attention to comb through the data each day

⦿ Time and attention to act on the insights uncovered

⦿ Time and attention to make decisions on what the data is telling you

Historical Approach to Attribution



Attribution Solutions

• Tracking

• Good Conversion Data

• Attribution Models


• KPIs

Onus on You

Understanding What to Do

Take Time to Do It

Act On It



Wicked Reports is the only platform that is able to SAVE your precious time and get you from setup to acting on insights INSANELY fast.


Other Attribution Platforms

Require This Amount of Time


Understand & Take Time to Analyze Onus On You


Understand & Take Time to Analyze Onus On You

Understand What To Do:
20 hours Up Front

Take Time to Do It:
10 hours a Week

Act On It

Historical Approach to Attribution If You Get Good at Doing This?


Historical Approach to Attribution
If You Get Good at Doing This?

Continue to Spend 10 Hours EVERY WEEK Analyzing, or...

Get More Clients - More Time Needed, or...

Promoted - Even Less Time Available

When Times Gets Stretched Thin


When Times Gets Stretched Thin
No Bueno

Hurry Through Data Miss Opportunities + Insights Discipline Slips Skip Days + Deep Analysis

This Leads to Higher CAC, Lower Roas Upset Clients & Bosses

The new way

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3 Goals


With Your Time Back

  • Explore New Strategies
  • Mine for Data Insights
  • Play Picklebal
The new way

Unleash the Power of Automation


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The Wicked Coach works for you everyday, scanning 216 data points per click, and never misses an opportunity or insight - automated attribution analysis that you can setup and then let the Coach do all the heavy lifting for you.

Delayed Conversion Detection

Sometimes you turn off ad spend and then the ad spend traffic converts in the future thanks to a great email, SMS, or some other channel.  When this happens at a significant level, the Wicked Coach alerts you - you might have found a honey hole!

The Wicked Coach
insights delivered where you need them


3 ways

Automated attribution analysis not only saves you 10 hours a week, but it’s more accurate.  It works every day, on every dollar spent, and every click gets inspected.

The Wicked Coach gets the potential insights and ad spend efficiency existing in your marketing attribution data surfaced and acted on.

The Wicked Coach coaches you in 3 ways
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