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Media Buyer Benefits from the

Wicked Reports Marketing Attribution platform


Media Buyers can save 10 hours a week, experience better decision support, and pinpoint opportunities only found with better attribution data.


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Save 10 hours a week


“The Wicked Coach” eliminates the need for you to do any of these things:

Time and attention to learn how to use the software

Time and attention to comb through the data each day

Time and attention to make decisions on what the data is telling you

Act on the insights the Wicked Coach slacks, emails, and identifies for you.


Increase productivity
and customer satisfaction

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Impress clients and management with better performance


Wicked Reports’ superior TOF tracking to GA4 and the ad platforms means that over time we can report more ROAS and lower CAC on Meta than the actual Facebook Ad Manager reports.


Loyal clients through provable OrderID ROAS


Stop losing conversions to direct traffic inside of GA4.  Wicked Reports’ attribution time machine will stitch back the customer journey to the TOF clicks that led to the direct traffic, and prove it with OrderIDs and click times. 

This gives your clients peace of mind to spend more on TOF.

Loyal clients through provable OrderID ROAS

Find opportunities not available in ad platform data


Wicked’s deep integrations with CRM and Shopping Cart data and AI/ML algorithms find relationships to wow customers and improve your performance.

Find opportunities not available in ad platform data

Automating Attribution for Client Growth

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Revolutionize Client Handling with Wicked Coach's Attribution Automation and Dedicated Support

Handle more clients using attribution automation from the Wicked Coach


Handle more clients using attribution automation from the Wicked Coach

The Wicked Coach combs through 216 data points per click and spots opportunities to move underperforming PPC budgets to the campaigns and ad sets that can scale.

Prove TOF conversions from direct, SMS, and email last click sales in GA4


Prove TOF conversions from direct, SMS, and email last click sales in GA4

GA4 black box attribution focuses on BOF sales because it’s much easier to track.  The real $ is made at the TOF.  Wicked connects the customer journey so you get TOF paid media credit when direct, SMS, and email is the last click.

Dedicated Slack Channell


Dedicated Slack Channel

Ask the Wicked Customer Success team anything, anytime, via Slack.

Automate your attribution analysis, saving 10 hours a week, and get opportunities delivered to you, via Slack, as they are detected!

Empower Your Agency

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Tailored Training in Marketing Attribution and Client-Facing Analytics

Customized expert training


Customized expert training

Marketing attribution is a murky space with lots of noise.

We’ve been inventing, innovating, and teaching marketing attribution for 11 years.

We can train your agency on best practices to get superior benefits from marketing attribution data.

On-demand client-facing data analysts


On-demand client-facing data analysts

Wicked’s own performance analysts will meet with you on your client’s data, and then even get on a call with your client to help educate and inform on your marketing attribution results and performance.

This can help increase client trust and retention when Wicked’s superior tracking starts showing higher ROAS than Meta & Google.

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