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FACEBOOK PIXEL vs Wicked Reports

The Facebook Pixel attempts to track people using a 3rd party pixel that is unable to get accurate data or prove its conversion data is real.

Wicked Reports is a marketing attribution platform using 1st party data conversions it can prove, that then automatically analyzes and suggests optimizations based on more accurate data.

Wicked Reports can push data into Facebook for both TOF and BOF conversions to improve accuracy and performance.

Conversion reporting using just the Facebook Pixel leads to extreme difficulty to prove their accuracy, require hours per week to mine the data, and still doesn’t drive meaningful results.

Wicked Reports proves accuracy by connecting marketing clicks to your CRM and Shopping Cart conversions. Save 10 hours a week with Attribution Analysis Automation - no more online spreadsheet hell.

Facebook Ad Manager reporting is like other

attribution solutions out there

Tons of training, help docs, and long YouTube videos on how to use the results.  But the data is bad, and once you get a system for analysis, you have to commit to doing this over and over every day.


 arrow  Do you have that kind of time? 

This is true of most attribution platforms.

Automated Attribution Analysis


That’s why Wicked Reports set out to turn marketing attribution into a TIME SAVINGS with

the biggest feature differentiator we have on native Facebook Pixel reporting


Wicked Reports mines 216 data points per inbound marketing click to determine when you should act, based on your custom marketing KPIs and marketing funnel.

We find opportunities to scale ad spend at a profit based on advanced rules - Without you needing to login!

✗ Facebook's data is not good enough to set a rule like this and profit from it.

Unlocking Profitable Conversions

Top of the funnel paid marketing drives brand, email, and SMS conversions at the bottom of the funnel. If you know what works at the Top, you can make more at the bottom. Wicked makes this easy to see visually right on the home page. Facebook has no concept of a visual customer journey.

It’s not just Facebook - no one else is doing this.

Why choose Wicked Reports?


Why us 1


Improve your marketing strategy

Wicked Reports provide advanced, custom marketing attribution for full funnel conversions. You can set your own time window lookbacks, look forwards, include/exclude recurring revenue, all on the fly.

Why us2-1


Optimize Your Marketing Insights

Wicked Reports’ FunnelVision can dramatically improve the clarity on WHERE in the funnel your marketing is converting.

Why us3-3


Instantly Boost Conversions

Wicked allows on the fly custom Meta view attribution also. Determine your preference on view-assisted sales conversions, and immediately see the impact on your Meta CAC and ROAS results, down to the ad level.

Customer LTV



Customer LTV is at the heart of Wicked Reports attribution.  First click cohort report can tie top of the funnel cold traffic clicks to customer LTV.

This insight allows businesses to refine marketing strategies, allocate resources efficiently, and maximize the impact of their campaigns, ultimately enhancing long-term customer relationships and overall success in the digital marketplace.


Delayed conversion time



Predictive behaviors offer valuable insights into conversion pathways, but skepticism can arise due to seemingly impressive data. Wicked Reports addresses this concern by providing users with the capability to audit every attributed dollar.

This transparency not only ensures the accuracy of reported metrics but also instills confidence in data-driven decision-making, establishing a trustworthy foundation for strategic marketing efforts.

Delayed conversion time

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  • Dedicated slack channels for agencies
  • Dedicated marketing strategist to setup your initial Attribution Automation Goals

Save 10 hours a week, drive down CAC, and hit your ROAS goals.

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