Episode 19:


What It Takes to Become A Killer Facebook Ad Agency with Spotlight Social


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Growing a business through Facebook ads is possible.

But maybe your ad campaigns haven’t been working well. This is where a great agency can come in to help.

Today, I have Jason Smith and Erik Bork from Spotlight Social Advertising. Jason’s story from working as a police officer to switching to digital marketing is amazing, and he and Erik share some cool strategies that you can use to improve your funnel.

Tune in to this episode to get insights from these Facebook ad experts.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. The intro to Jason Smith of Spotlight Social [00:16]
  2. How Jason pivoted from police work to digital ads [03:49]
  3. Big takeaways from Tier 11’s Facebook ad training [06:12]
  4. Their current ad spend and division of work [08:54]
  5. The intro to Erik Bork of Spotlight Social [09:13]
  6. Their niche client [11:00]
  7. Differences in strategy between the top to bottom funnel leads [14:53]
  8. How their strategy will change in 2021 [18:20]
  9. Spotlight Social’s SOPs [20:36]
  10. Advice for dealing with the Apple changes [24:24]
  11. The importance of using third-party reporting [25:52]
  12. A Facebook case study on their client: 90x ROI in 3 days [28:42]
  13. Other platforms they’re considering [32:29]

About Our Guests:

Jason Smith is the Founder and CEO of Spotlight Social Advertising. He served as a Los Angeles police officer for 13 years before switching to digital marketing. After getting his certification from Facebook ad agency Tier 11, Jason decided to start Spotlight Social in 2016. 

You can email Jason at jason@spotlightsocialllc.com.


Erik Bork is the VP of Operations at Spotlight Social Advertising. A former professional skateboarder, he was introduced to Jason by his mom. Now, he helps Jason in running high-converting Facebook campaigns for their clients.

You can email Erik at erik@spotlightsocialllc.com


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