Why Wicked?

Optimize Ad Spend

Confidently scale winner and cut losers based on ROI and LTV.

Connect Lead Gen to High LTV

Reverse engineer customer acquisition.

Reliable Conversion Data

Honest conversions lead to increased revenue.

Marketing Attribution Expertise

$2 billion in ad spend, $5 billion in attributed revenue

Customer and Subscription Lifetime Value

Detect repeat and subscription customers and attribute to marketing spend

Who We Help


Marketing attribution to increase Ecommerce ROI


Find lead sources that create subscription customers.

Information & Course

Connect marketing that leads to info & course sales.

Multi-Channel Marketers

Evaluate ROI and LTV of all channels.


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ROI and LTV Reporting

Channel, campaign, ad, and targeting ROI, LTV, and CAC.

Wicked Optimization Playbooks

Turn data into profitable action with precise analysis steps and advice


One-click integrations with marketing, sales, and ad systems.

Predictive, Cohort, and Data Mining

Customer lifetime value and behavior analysis.

Channel, Campaign, and Ad Optimization

High level insights and granular optimization actions.

Attribution Models That Work

Attribution that factors customer lifetime value, subscriptions, and lead gen.

Wicked Smartz Time Savers

Intuitive filtering and sorting that delivers answers.

Wicked Reports Vs.

Conversion Quality over Quantity

Wicked detects and attributes conversions that scale revenue.

Wicked Reports vs Tracking Pixels

Wicked Reports vs Oribi, Attribution.io, and tracking pixels.

Wicked Reports vs HubSpot Attribution

Advantages over HubSpot for multi-channel ecom marketers.

Wicked Reports vs Facebook pixel

Multi-channel lifetime value attribution vs Facebook pixel issues

Wicked Reports vs Google Analytics pixel

Multi-channel lifetime value attribution vs Google pixel issues

Wicked Reports vs. Dashboard Reporting

Wicked Reports vs Domo, Grow, Google Data Studio, TapClicks, NinjaCat, AdStage, and others

Attribution Expertise

Wicked Reports has invented and re-imagined attribution modeling for ecommerce, course, and subscription marketers.

Google partnered with Wicked Reports to build the 1st Google smart campaign automation using CRM conversions to drive increased marketing ROI when leads take time to buy.

Facebook partnered with Wicked Reports to build the 1st Facebook offline conversion automation using CRM and Sales conversions to drive multi-channel, trustworthy view-based conversion tracking.

Increase Your ROI With Attribution Expertise

Wicked Reports is designed to deliver insights for your ecommerce, subscription, or course-based business that you can’t get anywhere else.

We've tracked over $2 billion in ad spend on marketing channels like Facebook, Google Ads, and email, leading to over $5 billion in attributed revenue for our clients.

Our customers typically recoup their annual costs within 90 days or less.

Here’s how attribution expertise from Wicked Reports can grow your business:

Analyze true ROI with innovative attribution models

If you can’t measure the lifetime value of your marketing clicks, you lose out on leads and sales to competitors that use LTV in their attribution.

Wicked Reports combines innovative attribution models with 1st party CRM and sales data to automatically detect your most important conversions and show you the true ROI of your ad spend. Understand what works at each stage of your marketing funnel and scale campaigns that are ROI positive over time.

growth opportunities with accurate sales data

Set up offline conversion tracking

Google designated Wicked Reports as only the 8th certified Platform API partner worldwide in recognition of our innovation with Google Offline conversion imports.

Tie offline sales back to specific ads and keywords in Google, and see your multi-channel attributed conversions inside the Google Ads manager UI. 

understand LTV

Honest Customer Conversion Data You Can Trust

Wicked Reports has partnered with Google as a Premier Platform API partner to deliver accurate conversion data. With machine learning, the data powers your Google campaign bidding on auto-pilot.
Wicked Reports has also partnered with Facebook as a Platform Marketing Partner to power over $1 billion a year in Facebook Customer Lifetime Value custom audience capability.
With Wicked Reports, you can identify where your most profitable customers are coming from and apply what you’ve learned to future prospects based on reliable conversion data. 



Here’s what makes Wicked Reports the best at what we do:

8th software platform to achieve Google Premier API Partner status

Tracked over $2 billion in ad spend across multiple channels

First to push CRM and subscription data into Google offline

Automatically detects important 1st party conversion data points

High Valued Customers

  • Identify what’s working at each stage of your marketing funnel.

  • Get a full-attribution impact assessment of your marketing ads.

  • See the true ROI of your ad spend and stop wasting your budget.

  • Act on customer lifetime value by confidently outbidding your competitors.

Marketing Attribution FAQ

  • What is attribution in marketing?

    Attribution in marketing is the practice of assigning credit of a sale back to a specific ad or campaign.

    It can help your business measure the efficacy of your campaigns and make better decisions about your ad spend.

    With Wicked Reports, you can identify which channels are profitable and find leads that deliver high-value customers over time.

  • What is multi-touch attribution?

    Multi-touch attribution involves tracking multiple clicks in order to accurately attribute the value of a sale.

    Rather than attribute full value to the first ad they saw or the first webpage they landed on, Wicked Reports' multi-touch attribution models help your business increase marketing ROI. Helping you see the bigger picture of your customer's path to conversion.

  • What is a marketing attribution model?

    Marketing attribution models are a framework that analyzes which touch points of the customer journey are given credit for a purchase or sale.

    Marketing attribution can help your business understand which touch points are generating profitable leads and customers and identify potential growth opportunities.

    Wicked Reports' cutting-edge attribution models allow you to measure the long-term impact of your ad spend confidently.

  • What are the different types of attribution?

    Wicked Reports uses First Click, First Optin, Re Optin, Last Click, and Full Impact attribution models.

    Different types of attribution are used to assign value to a particular marketing channel.

    These attribution models enable you to measure both the short and long-term ROI of all your marketing campaigns.

Wicked Reports is for your business…

  • If you want to stop wasting your ad spend because you can’t accurately measure the long-term ROI of your campaigns.
  • If you’re a successful business looking to connect your lead generation efforts to your most valuable customers.
  • If you’re tired of spending hours switching between spreadsheets just to make sense of your sales data. 
  • If you’re worried you may be missing growth opportunities because you can’t see the complete picture. 
  • If you want to identify the exact marketing messages that generate the best leads for your business.

attribute revenue to all touchpoints

Finally, Wicked Reports is for you if you’re looking for a powerful attribution modeling that shows you honest conversion data you can trust and act on.