SMART Attribution

Simplified. Multi-Channel. Actionable. Real. Trustworthy.

As a marketer can you answer these questions?

  • Can you see the results of all your marketing activities in one place?
  • Do you know where your best leads are coming from?
  • Do you know how to allocate your budget based on customer journey?
  • Do you know where your most valuable customers came from?

We simplify multi-channel marketing attribution using REAL verifiable transaction and CRM data so you can see what is and is NOT working.

As online marketers increase ad spend, marketing channels, and complexity of campaigns, the need for accurate marketing performance becomes critical.  The increased ad spend adds more pressure to perform.
The more sources of marketing attribution sources and data you use, the more confused you are likely to become.

Why is that?

Attribute Marketing Across the entire Customer Journey

Customers don’t just click on an ad and then buy. They leave. They forget about you. They come back. They do research. They compare. Days, weeks, even months later, they finally make a purchase.

Wicked Reports tracks every click and every purchase to see the true ROI of all your marketing investments. Our solution is a simplified approach to tracking measurable marketing activities to provide Actionable insight using real verifiable data you can trust.

You’ll see exactly which ads and emails drive sales so you can stop spending on marketing that doesn’t work–and scale your sales.



Our intelligent analytics interface, performs the complex technical tasks and quantitative analysis you’ve always had to do yourself. You’re a marketer, not a coder. Why should you master filtering, sorting, and analyzing data before you can grow the business?
Move on to the marketing work you really enjoy.


Sophisticated, multi-step, multi-channel funnels build relationships with customers. Pulling together, analyzing and reporting this cross-channel data yourself is tough.
Get out of spreadsheet hell.

Why Choose Us


We understand both data and marketing. You see the customer’s complete journey, including First Click, First Opt-in, Re Opt-in, and Last Click.

Even when the journey is complex, Wicked Reports assesses how well your marketing programs are working.


Campaign performance broken down by ad targeting, ad, and keyword. This advanced view allows detailed optimization of a PPC campaign.


Email clicks, sales and revenue determined by cross-channel attribution.  You can see which emails are closing the sales and which ones are turning people off.  Stop sending the ones that turn people off, and make sure everyone gets the ones that close sales!


We always show the clicks we track, the leads we’ve detected, and the sales we’ve attributed. No more head-scratching over puzzling pixel stats that overstate conversion data.


Once you have enough tracking data, we will mine your data to answer the question “Where did you turn off marketing campaigns that are now bringing in revenue?”  We can answer this question because of our attribution models that incorporate customer lifetime value.  Perhaps turn these campaigns back on.


See the breakdown of performance of your marketing campaigns across our attribution points. This allows you to move ad budget to the points in time that are leading to customers, and stop spending ad budget at the points in time it does not lead to customers.


See the true ROI and LTV of your marketing campaigns so you can stop wasting money and scale marketing that works.

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