Wicked Reports is the world’s leading marketing attribution software for small business.

Win the Digital Marketing Game in 90 Days


Stop Wasting Money on Ads That Don’t Work

We data mine your clicks, leads, and sales and report when ROI is negative.

Spend More on Ads That Do Work

We show potential ad targeting to make more money and showcase positive ROI campaigns.

Find More Good Leads That Buy

We use patent-pending attribution technology to see the whole picture and find where the good leads actually came from.

Finally see how it all fits together.

See the exact process that converts prospects to leads & leads to customers.

Understand your customers’ journey

See how your paid ads, email campaigns, social media activity, and other marketing work together to create a new customer — and how much that customer is worth over time. Reverse engineer your marketing to produce more of your highest value customers.

Untangle complex attribution

It’s hard to get definitive answers on what marketing is producing leads and converting them into customers. With Wicked Reports’ patent-pending attribution algorithm, you’re able to see exactly what piece of marketing created awareness, created the lead, led them to make their first purchase, and drove each purchase after that.

Cut your ad spend

Find the ads that aren’t performing and eliminate them.

Improve your ROI

Invest more money in the ads that work to scale your business.

Find more of your best customers

Reverse engineer your marketing to attract high-LTV customers.

Ready to see Wicked Reports in action?

Data-driven marketing built for small businesses.

Simple, clear answers you can trust.

Actual revenue reporting

Every click on an ad, every opt-in form that’s submitted, and every clickthrough from an email campaign, is seamlessly matched to a customer in your CRM and their actual order data. You’ll finally know exactly how much revenue each piece of your marketing is generating and where your best customers are coming from. Yes, this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Crystal clear answers

You aren’t looking for a marketing attribution solution because you love dissecting data. You need clarity on what will grow your business — without hiring a data scientist or consultant. We’ve intentionally built Wicked Reports to be an intuitive, plain-language solution that delivers straightforward, actionable answers to your most important marketing questions.

The world’s most accurate data

The only thing worse than not having data is having data that’s misleading or wrong. Wicked Reports uses patent-pending People-Based Tracking to match clicks and conversions to real customers and their actual orders. Conversion tracking with pixels can’t begin to match this level of accuracy.

Learn about People-Based Tracking

Fast, non-technical set up

Wicked Reports integrates with popular CRM and ecommerce solutions like ActiveCampaign, Shopify, Stripe, Drip, and many more. Simply enter your login credentials and the data starts pouring in. It couldn’t be any easier to get started (but that doesn’t stop us from trying).

Learn about our integrations

One-click integrations with the solutions you’re already using.

See all our integrations

The new Chrome Extension

Get the data you need, where you need to see it.

We’re here for you: world-class support, training, and resources.

We’ve made marketing attribution simple. But, we’re still here to guide you to maximum ROI.

Passionate support

Have a question? Hit a snag? Our support team is ready to help. Reach out to us however you prefer — email, live chat, or phone — we’ll help you Wicked fast.

Detailed video courses

We’ve created some of the best training available on how to mine your data for actionable insights you can immediately apply to cut ad spend or bring in new business.

Expert consultation

Every Wicked Reports customer gets one-on-one calls with a Wicked attribution expert. Together, you’ll look at your live data and you’ll get specific advice on how to improve your marketing ROI.

“Everything changed once I got Wicked Reports installed in my business. Now I make decisions based on data instead of hunches. It’s allowed us to scale our business to the point where we’re now doing $4 million with only 4 employees!”

Mark Murrell
CEO, Get Maine Lobster
“Perhaps my favorite part of using Wicked Reports is the ability to easily know exactly what emails are bringing in sales – and how much. Being able to know the source of my sales data across multiple traffic sources is paramount to success. Put simply – Wicked Reports is a must have tool in our toolbox.”

Cole Joseph
CEO, Life Converted
“I was never very good at looking at my data but Wicked has made it so much easier! I can log in and see everything I want to see at a glance. If you’ve been looking for a great solution for collecting all your marketing data then I highly recommend Wicked Reports. I will be a lifetime customer!”

Bree Argetsinger
Owner, Betty Rocker