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Wicked Reports is the best alternative to HYROS for solving your marketing attribution needs.


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Wicked Reports offers advanced marketing attribution and solves similar attribution issues as Hyros, but each platform uses very different tools. 

So what does your eCom brand need?

Wicked Reports can help solve specific pain points related to your marketing attribution challenges.

Hyros offers limited tools for TOF and MOF tracking (compared to Wicked Reports' FunnelVision) and lacks muscle in their multi-touch attribution modeling. 
Hyros lacks a patented approach to marketing attribution, features for subscription brands, and lacks clarity on the customer journey.


Customer Journey Tracking

Marketers buy media by targeting cold/TOF traffic, retargeting warmer MOF traffic, or direct sales response BOF traffic.

You need marketing attribution that buckets the performance of your marketing in this same Top/Middle/Bottom targeting approach to correctly measure your results.

Wicked Reports attributes your data into easy to understand metrics for each funnel stage.

Hyros merely gives first click, last click, or has a limited scientific model based on first and last click. Hyros' first click lookback window is limited to 30 days. This is very surprising. There are many, many sales conversions that take longer to close. 

Hyros does not have any concept of MOF reporting.

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This is important because Media buyers nearly alway segment their paid campaigns based on cold or warm traffic.

Weaker attribution platforms offer first click, last click, or multi-touch models. All of these models downplay the impact of Top and Middle of the funnel paid ads.

CRM integrations have to be used by attribution platforms to ensure that traffic is correctly segmented as Cold or Warm.  Otherwise, you get misled to thinking your bottom of funnel campaigns are the only ones earning high ROAS


Hyros has no CRM integration for the purposes of auto-segmentation and attribution of traffic. Hyros has no concept of TOF vs MOF vs BOF segmentation. Hyros' multi-touch models share credit equally for blended ROAS.

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Wicked reports vs Triple Whale get a free video demo

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Customer Journey Conversion Path Reporting

Get a visual representation of the common paths people take to convert.

Wicked Reports has a stunning, easy to read visual journey to show you how conversions and channels overlap.

Hyros only allows manual tagging of user journeys.

customer journey explorer

Top of the funnel attribution

60% of budgets on average are allocated to the TOF.

Facebook & Google’s TOF conversion tracking is very, very weak - so a marketing attribution platform needs to nail this. Wicked Reports auto-segments traffic with click tracking and deep CRM integrations so true TOF clicks are attributed. TOF is not limited to the very first click.


Hyros offers first click attribution only.

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Middle Funnel Attribution

Over 50% of last click conversions happen on Branded Search, Email/SMS, and Organic.

Those conversions ONLY happen because of marketing elsewhere - likely PPC!

Marketers need an easy, transparent way to see the paid media driving the branded owned media conversions so they can scale the marketing that is driving those last clicks.


Hyros has no concept of Middle Funnel as an attribution model. Their linear model shares credit equally with all clicks, so that model does include MOF clicks as part of its overall revenue value. No segmentation or insight there!


Wicked reports vs Triple Whale get a free video demo

Wicked reports vs northbeam book a live demo

Subscription Recurring Revenue Attribution

Your customers that continue to pay you are the most valuable.  Those recurring sales do not hit a pixel.  They simply must be accounted for if you are going to make the best ad buying decisions.

ReCharge recurring revenue attributed back to TOF, MOF, and BOF campaigns that drove the initial conversion.

Get a clear breakdown of one-time vs subscription revenue at channel, campaign, and ad level.

Hyros has no concept of subscription tracking or attribution. You can manually tag orders as subscriptions.

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Delayed Conversion Time

Many sales conversions take time to occur post click.  The ability of the marketing attribution platform to attribute this back in time, and educate the user on the impact, can help brands drive a lot more top and middle of the funnel ROAS.

Wicked Reports offers a specific report on delayed conversion time and it is a primary focus of the Scale/Kill/Chill framework for data decisions.

Hyros offers no delayed conversion reporting time.

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Customer LTV

It is critical that attribution time windows allow for customer lifetime value to be continuously attributed back to ad spend for accurate ROAS.

Transparent TOF (industry’s only) and customer cohort reports for precise future Customer LTV impact

Hyros first click has limited customer LTV lookback in a 30 day window.

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Tracking Effectiveness

Every platform claims it is easy to set up, but there are times when tracking needs debugged and verified.

Wicked Reports allows you to always know if you're tracking correctly with real-time tracking tests and tracking performance data.

Hyros does not appear to report on unattributed revenue. Hyros claims to use AI to track people but also has admitted this is a marketing statement more than a factual statement.

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Ad Creative Reporting

Wicked Reports shows reporting on ad creative performance on any attribution model across the entire marketing funnel.

Hyros offers basic ad level reporting.

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View-Through Conversion Tracking

No matter where you're at on measuring the effectiveness of Facebook's view through conversion data, Wicked gives you the option to customize it in real time.

Use this to measure campaigns that seem to produce sales for your lower consideration product via BOF videos 

Hyros does not offer view-through conversion tracking.


Data & Refresh Availability

Wicked Reports
Live Data - 20 min & 24 hour refresh

About every 30 minutes

Email & SMS Tracking

Wicked Reports
Auto tracking for most popular email apps, no need for UTMs

Only supports a specific UTM format for email UTMs, so you must manually update links


Wicked Reports
Quick integration with all major CRMs and Shopping carts, plus inbound API for CRM/Cart conversions

Very limited native integrations

Custom Conversions

Wicked Reports
Automatic detection and attribution for new lead and re-engaged lead conversions; clearly defined custom conversions for customer journey 

Call tracking events, webinar registration tracking

Organic Traffic Tracking

Wicked Reports
Organic revenue attribution to the landing page of lead visit

The only organic tracking is accomplished using UTMs specifically designed for organic

Conversion API

Wicked Reports
Google offline conversion and future revenue matched to GCLIDS

None offered

Scheduled Email reports

Wicked Reports
Unlimited reports emailed to you

None offered

Experience & Support

Wicked Reports
Expertise from Data Scientists, Live Chat, Live Zooms, and dedicated Slack channels for agencies

Dedicated rep and Facebook group

Profit calculations beyond ad spend

Wicked Reports
Map COGS, Shipping, and Variable expenses to an OrderID for profit reporting on Ad Spend for all order integrations.

COG and shipping costs for Shopify stores only

In-App guidance

Wicked Reports
Insights right inside your account so you can turn data into action

No in-app guidance but offers video-training

Unlimited users

Wicked Reports
Get a seat for everyone who needs it

Limited seating, pay extra for each user

best-price (5)

Wicked Reports
Pricing based on number of CRM contacts, Special discounts for agencies with 3+ clients

Hyros pricing based on store revenue offers "your ads scale or it is free"

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