Looking for a HYROS Alternative?

11 Reasons Wicked Reports is the best alternative.


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Data & Refresh Availability

Wicked Reports
Live Data - 20 min & 24 hour refresh

About every 30 minutes

Email & SMS Tracking

Wicked Reports
Auto tracking for most popular email apps, no need for UTMs

Only supports a specific UTM format for email UTMs, so you must manually update links


Wicked Reports
Quick integration with all major CRMs and Shopping carts, plus inbound API for CRM/Cart conversions

Very limited native integrations

Custom Conversions

Wicked Reports
Automatic detection and attribution for new lead and re-engaged lead conversions; clearly defined custom conversions for customer journey 

Call tracking events, webinar registration tracking

Organic Traffic Tracking

Wicked Reports
Organic revenue attribution to the landing page of lead visit

The only organic tracking is accomplished using UTMs specifically designed for organic

Conversion API

Wicked Reports
Google offline conversion and future revenue matched to GCLIDS

None offered

Scheduled Email reports

Wicked Reports
Unlimited reports emailed to you

None offered

Experience & Support

Wicked Reports
Expertise from Data Scientists, Live Chat, Live Zooms, and dedicated Slack channels for agencies

Dedicated rep and Facebook group

In-App guidance

Wicked Reports
Insights right inside your account so you can turn data into action

No in-app guidance but offers video-training

Unlimited users

Wicked Reports
Get a seat for everyone who needs it

Limited seating, pay extra for each user


Wicked Reports
Pricing based on number of CRM contacts, Special discounts for agencies with 3+ clients

Hyros pricing based on store revenue offers "your ads scale or it is free"

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Wicked Reports offers advanced marketing attribution and solves similar attribution issues as Hyros, but each platform uses very different tools. 

So what does your eCom brand need?

Wicked Reports can help solve specific pain points related to your marketing attribution challenges.

Hyros offers limited tools for TOF and MOF tracking (compared to Wicked Reports' FunnelVision) and lacks muscle in their multi-touch attribution modeling. 
Hyros lacks a patented approach to marketing attribution, features for subscription brands, and lacks clarity on the customer journey.

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Wicked reports vs northbeam book a live demo

Why Do Customers Choose Us?

1.  Data Integration Ease:

Automate and streamline data collection from various platforms for seamless performance tracking.


2.  In-Depth Attribution Analysis:

Accurately trace back the source of your conversions, and understand the specific marketing efforts that led to a successful sale.


3.  Real-Time Reporting:

Provide timely, up-to-date insights for quick decision making and optimization of marketing strategies.


4.  ROI Reporting:

Enable a clear understanding of the return on investment for each marketing channel, helping to optimize budget allocation.


5.  Customer Journey Mapping:

Visually depict the journey of your customers from the first point of contact to the final conversion.


6.  Multi-Touch Attribution:

Identify the impact of each touchpoint in your customer's journey, helping to understand and enhance multi-step conversion paths.


7.  Predictive Analytics:

Use past performance data to predict future marketing results and make informed strategic decisions.


8.  Customized Dashboards:

Allow customization of analytics dashboards according to specific business needs and key performance indicators (KPIs).


9.  Cross-Platform Tracking:

Track user activity across different platforms and devices for a holistic understanding of your marketing performance.


10.  Lifetime Value Calculation:

Provide insights on the long-term value of each customer, helping to make data-driven decisions for customer retention and acquisition strategies.

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