Accurate Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution built for Subscription Ecommerce Brands using ReCharge


Conversion tracking and revenue from your actual new and recurring subscription payments from ReCharge, detected and attributed automatically


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Automatic ROI, ROAS, and LTV calculations
from ReCharge revenue. New vs. recurring payments detected and attributed accurately 

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Wicked Reports matches up cold traffic ad spend to new and repeat ReCharge subscription customers. Our unlimited attribution time windows and lookbacks matches these high LTV customers back to marketing with increased revenue after every subscription payment.


This gives you ROI and ROAS you can’t get anywhere else - and gives you a leg up on your competition with data they don’t have

Accurate Revenue attribution of recurring subscription payments is painful 

  • New vs repeat subscription identification
  • Continuous update of revenue and ROI when subscriptions rebill
  • Identifies cold traffic top of the funnel winning campaigns that look unprofitable with the delayed subscription rebills
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Cold traffic takes time to convert

Facebook, Google, and Microsoft Ad Platforms don’t understand, attribute, or report on cold traffic ROI/ROAS correctly for ecommerce brands
Ad platforms merge cold and warm traffic together in their results -
this leads to major challenges finding new eyeballs for your brand.

Cold traffic paid ads can take weeks or months to be profitable - far outside the normal attribution windows of Facebook, Google, and Microsoft - but not Wicked Reports


Wicked Reports has attribution models and time windows specific to paid cold traffic subscription conversion cycles


Cold traffic identified using Klaviyo email profiles



Easy, Pre-built Integration Setup takes less than a minute to setup

⦿ Wicked Reports has patents-pending on subscription revenue attribution

⦿ Churn logic

⦿ Gross vs net payments view



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Easy, 1-minute integration

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Connect Ad spend ROI to Klaviyo owned media delayed email and SMS conversions

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Verify and reconcile Klaviyo email optins to cold traffic campaigns that generated them

4 (1)

Connect Klaviyo email optin capture to Shopify, Woo, and ReCharge customer LTV

Shopify & Woo revenue Tied to Klaviyo Owned Media Conversions

High LTV Customers often appear in your Klaviyo Owned Media, then convert later by SMS or email

  • Your cold traffic campaigns work hard to attract and get the email optin to Klaviyo
  • Then if you convert them via email or SMS (we track Attentive, Postscript, and Klaviyo SMS), Wicked chains it all together in our multi-touch attribution models
  • When the revenue occurs in Shopfiy or WooCommerce, we update the ROI of campaigns throughout the funnel automatically

Advanced Customer Lifetime Value Reporting

Shouldn't your attribution reporting be built on your best customers with the highest customer lifetime value?

  • See impact of capturing Klaviyo email optins that have delayed Shopify sales conversions on cold traffic optin marketing
  • Find most and least profitable months
  • Leverage LTV in your customer acquisition strategy
customer cohortreport

Deep Ad Platform Integrations

We push accurate conversion data into Google, Facebook, and Amazon saving you weeks of development

  • Facebook ads that generate Klaviyo owned media optin leads are pushed to Facebook Conversion API in 5 minutes after accuracy verification
  • Delayed Shopify & Woo revenue is pushed to Google along with the GCLID so that Google can optimize top of the funnel cold traffic campaigns
  • Google ads that generate Klaviyo owned media optins are updated with Shopify & Woo revenue up to 90 days post-click
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Fanatical Support

⦿  24/5 Live Chat Support

⦿  Dedicated Customer Success Manager + Live Zoom Consulting

⦿  Wicked Insights That Analyze Ad Spend Optimizations

⦿  Wicked Playbooks With Step By Step Action Plans

⦿  Entire Team Rigorously Trained & Tested On Advanced Attribution

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