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Wicked Reports’ mines your marketing attribution, CRM, and sales data for money-saving actions and high growth opportunities. 
The Wicked Coach ↗ automates this process in alignment with your marketing KPIs.


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Achieve the full potential of your data with intuitive analytics that reveal
the patterns behind purchases, identify untapped opportunities, and drive informed decision-making.

Unlocking Marketing Insights


The Wicked Reports team has over 100,000 hours of combined expertise in marketing attribution.  All of this is poured into our machine learning, AI, and Generative BI solution.

The output removes the time, pain, and skills needed to figure out what all this data means, and what to do with it.

Instead - the analysis is automated, the insights are always spotted, and the actions delivered to you on auto pilot.

Challenges with Marketing Attribution


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Traditionally marketing attribution has suffered from reliance on black box conversion data that is inaccurate, unhelpful, and time consuming. 

This leads to severe impact on your bottom line:

Challenges with Data Analysis


Understand & Take Time to Analyze Onus On You


Understand & Take Time to Analyze Onus On You

Understand What To Do:
20 hours Up Front

Take Time to Do It:
10 hours a Week

Act On It

Historical Approach to Attribution If You Get Good at Doing This?


Historical Approach to Attribution
If You Get Good at Doing This?

Continue to Spend 10 Hours EVERY WEEK Analyzing, or...

Get More Clients - More Time Needed, or...

Promoted - Even Less Time Available

When Times Gets Stretched Thin


When Times Gets Stretched Thin
No Bueno

Hurry Through Data Miss Opportunities + Insights Discipline Slips Skip Days + Deep Analysis

This Leads to Higher CAC, Lower Roas Upset Clients & Bosses

How Wicked Reports
Solves These Challenges

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Wicked Reports mines your data to pinpoint opportunities for improvement, money-savings, and growth.  We align with exact brand KPIs at TOF and BOF stages for granular, precise detection to maximize your ROAS and reduce your CAC.

The Wicked Coach ↗  works on auto-pilot to report back on any actions necessary, freeing you up - yes, this is marketing attribution that actually delivers value and saves you 10 hours per week in spreadsheet hell!

How Wicked Reports  Solves These Challenges

The new way

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With Your Time Back

  • Explore New Strategies
  • Mine for Data Insights
  • Play Pickleball
The new wayy

Unleash the Power of insights


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Customer LTV Insights


Customer LTV Insights

It is easy to underestimate the time and discipline to understand and act on Customer LTV data.  Not so with Wicked Reports, here are a few of the insights.

Conversion Behaviors


Conversion Behaviors

Customers don’t buy right away - that’s why you have TOF and BOF campaigns.  Your marketing attribution data needs to deeply understand this, and take advantage of the shoddy native ad reporting that is only focused on BOF.  

Reduce Wasted Ad Spend


Reduce Wasted Ad Spend

Enforce discipline and reduce decision fatigue with custom KPI monitoring that will slack or email you when your ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads are not performing well enough.

Strategies for Scale


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Scale Growth Opportunities


Scale Growth Opportunities

Maximize ROAS and spend where CAC is below thresholds - Wicked Reports finds these juicy spots to ratchet up the ad spend and growth.

Shopping Cart Trends


Shopping Cart Trends

The more you understand your customer behaviors, the easier it is to grow your business.  Wicked Reports is always adding additional trends and insights based on general customer actions and purchase behaviors.