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Wicked Reports 1st party marketing attribution technology provides best-in-class marketing attribution data that can be automatically analyzed.


We create better data for you.  This gives you better insights.  We automate the analysis.


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REvolutionizing Marketing Attribution

Wicked Reports uses 1st party data conversions from your Shopping Cart, CRM, and Subscription payment system, combined with our server-to-server tracking technology, to create marketing attribution data that is more accurate, useful, and powerful than what you can find inside of Google Analytics 4, Meta or Google’s ad platform reporting, or any of our competitors.

Our technology’s accuracy, and proof of conversions, are untouched by Google Chrome’s 3rd party cookie removals and IOS 14 & 17’s updates.

Wicked leans on 1st party data to determine conversions.  Your data is accurate because we only report conversions we can prove in your data: CRM, Shopping Cart, or Recurring Subscription Payment.

Granular Tracking


Wicked Reports also transparently shows the proof behind the numbers in the form of granular tracking. You can see the inbound marketing link clicks and timestamps behind every identified visitor.

How it works:

  • Uses real CRM records, real order IDs and time stamped click history
  • Stitches together TOF, Middle funnel retargeting and direct web visits that convert
  • Delayed conversion credit even when campaign has ended
  • Infinite lookback window

We use the 1st party data conversions and the inbound link clicks we detect to form a customer journey that can look backward or forward in time depending on your performance marketing needs.

Granular Tracking

Future-Proofed Technology


Wicked Reports data accuracy and value have been unaffected by the IOS 14 & 17 change, and by Google Chrome’s death to the 3rd party cookie, and is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

This is because Wicked Reports has been using 1st party conversions, and server to server tracking, since 2014.  We just didn’t call it that, since our technology was ahead of its time and those terms didn’t exist yet!

This experience has allowed us to hone our tracking & attribution logic to deliver great value and results to our customers.

Future-Proofed Technology

Pillars of the Solution



The technology has 3 pillars:

3 pillars

Unless a marketing attribution platform has a strong solution in all 3, it will fail to deliver on its value.

Pillars of the Solution

Generative BI Insights


Wicked Reports spent 10 months building its machine-learning, AI-enabled Insights to save our customers 10 hours a week in analysis.

Wicked Coach


We found that AI, while amazing, needs a lot of human coaching and guard rails in order to be trusted and effective.

We call this fusion of AI, Machine Learning, and Human Expertise the “Wicked Coach”.

Wicked Coach analyzes 216 data points per click to mine for opportunities, ad spend waste, and performance of your KPIs.  It then alerts you via email and Slack for the actions to take.

This is automated attribution analysis:  consistent, methodical, time-saving, and precise.

If you have specific questions around 3rd party tracking cookies (we’ve never used them) or Apple IOS updates that affect accuracy (they don’t affect us), more resources are below.

Marketing Attribution Technology Resources

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