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Is real-time data always better than delayed data?


Facebook, Google, and Amazon are now providing conversion data. But getting data quickly is not actually the best in every situation. And when you feed that data into your ad platform and let the A.I. optimize your campaign, well, things may not turn out the way you hope.

The truth is there are issues with real-time data which a lot of people are ignorant about. So in this episode, I’m going to tackle all this to hopefully shed a better light on this topic.

Get to know the real deal when it comes to real-time data by tuning in now.


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Episode Highlights:

[00:00] Introduction

[01:08] Amazon, Facebook, and Google aren’t actually giving you real-time data

[05:01] Is the algorithm optimizing to support your goals?

[06:14] Facebook’s puzzling requirement for customer lifetime value data

[08:16] Sending data too fast creates volatility

[10:25] When real-time data doesn’t make sense

[15:31] Looking from the top down and longer is better

About Our Host

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Scott Desgrosseilliers

The Co-Founder & CEO of Wicked Reports. Starting out as a Database Administrator, he and his friend, Mark Murrell, made a breakthrough in digital marketing, particularly on Facebook and later founded Wicked Reports in 2015. Based in Marblehead, Massachusetts, the company has continued to grow and is successfully helping small businesses and entrepreneurs get a real ROI and maximize their ad spending & unpaid social activities.

Scott Desgrosseilliers
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