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There’s no denying the scope and reach of Amazon. It is a behemoth in the online retail space.


With 125 million Prime members, selling on Amazon is a tempting opportunity. But we’ve seen how Amazon can easily undercut its own sellers - preventing them from actually making a sale.

So if you’re an ecommerce brand making $10M a year, will selling on Amazon be good for your business? Today, Dr. Robin Gaster, author of the book Behemoth: Amazon Rising, talks about his book to lend us some insights about this platform giant.

Before you decide to put up your store on Amazon, listen to this eye-opening episode here.


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Episode Highlights:

[01:08] Can an ecommerce brand avoid using Amazon?

[04:35] The problem with selling on Amazon

[06:13] Amazon will compete against you

[12:10] Is Amazon evil?

[15:56] The algorithm just follows the rules, but there is no digital regulator

[20:51] Why Amazon is losing $40B annually on retail

[25:23] Will they stay in retail?

[29:10] How brands can make Amazon work for them

[30:54] Get customers to know your brand

[36:12] Have a lot of touchpoints

About Our Guest

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Dr. Robin Gaster

A visiting scholar at George Washington University Institute for Public Policy, Dr. Robin Gaster is also the President at Incumetrics, a consulting company focused on measuring, evaluating, and assessing innovation, and on developing policy for companies, nonprofits, regions, and national governments. Dr. Gaster is the author of recently published book, Behemoth: Amazon Rising ↗.

Dr. Robin Gaster
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