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Scaling in ecommerce is no easy job. But if you have a tight grasp of which aspects you should focus on in your business, you’re surely going to thrive.


Today, I have with me Ecommerce Badassery CEO/Founder Jessica Totillo Coster, an ecommerce and email marketing strategist who shares actionable steps and strategies for traffic, sales, and profit in putting up a successful ecom store. 

Jessica talks about everything that she learned the hard way in her past experience so that you don’t have to go through the mistakes that she made.

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Episode Highlights:

[00:00] Introduction

[02:34] Jessica’s business food for thought

[03:21] Business pains that Ecommerce Badassery heals

[07:12] When to focus on customer retention and acquisition

[9:51] Diagnosing your marketing platforms individually

[12:03] What really matters in an email marketing campaign

[15:31] Search Engine Optimization 101 with Jessica

[24:57] Jessica’s time as the only employee of a 7-figure ecom store

[30:31] Recreating in-person experience on the internet

[33:08] Ways to grow your business according to Jessica

[36:09] Jessica’s checklist of optimization

[39:14] What Jessica thinks about the latest iOS updates

[43:03] Why your business is not about you

About Our Guest

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Jessica Totillo Coster

Ecommerce Badassery CEO/Founder Jessica Totillo Coster is an ecommerce and email marketing strategist who uses data and experience to help boutique owners and product entrepreneurs figure out the next best step in their business.

Connect with Jessica through her LinkedIn account ↗.

Jessica Totillo Coster
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