Information & Course Marketing Attribution

Optimize your course or info marketing budget with accurate conversion and attribution data.
Grow your business with unparalleled digital tracking from Wicked Reports.

Understand the True ROI of Your Lead Generation Campaigns

Are you unsure where your course registrants are coming from? Do you know the return on your advertising over time? 

Without accurate sales data, you can’t know for sure that your campaigns are generating profitable results.

Wicked Reports tracks the entire membership journey, enabling you to make better decisions with confidence.

Here’s how you can utilize Wicked Reports to grow and scale your information or course-based business.

Track your course registrants

Track your course registrants from first touchpoint to last and identify where your leads are converting in the membership journey.

Wicked Reports gives you a clear picture of how your campaigns are performing, so you can optimize your ad spend and increase your marketing ROI.


Attribute all recurring revenue

Wicked Reports attributes all recurring course revenue back to the lead generation campaign that drove the conversion.

Alongside lifetime value tracking, this gives you a complete understanding of your highest-value customers and the campaigns that worked for them.

attribution that makes sense

Scale your information or course-based business with actionable insights

Without robust tracking data, you can’t tie your ad spend to high-value customers.
Wicked Reports tracks your course registrants and measures the ROI of each touchpoint throughout the membership journey, so you can see the bigger picture.
Here’s how Wicked Reports can help you grow your information or course-based business:

Track your course registrants across multiple touchpoints

Optimize your ad spend with accurate, 1st party CRM and sales data

Invest in the campaigns which drive high-value members

Measure the lifetime value of your most profitable members

attribution reporting for lead gen

  • Attribute all recurring revenue and future payments back to a lead generation campaign.

  • Accurately determine the offers that led to your most profitable customers.

  • Identify which marketing campaigns and messages are generating the best ROI.

  • Optimize your ad spend based on customer data you can trust.


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Information & Course FAQ

  • What are attribution models?

    Attribution models analyze which touchpoints in the membership journey receive credit for a conversion.

    They can help your information or course-based business understand which touchpoints are profitable and which ones aren’t.

    Our cutting-edge attribution models attribute subscription and recurring revenue to your marketing clicks. We use First Click, First Opt-in, Last Click, Re-Opt-in, and Full Impact attribution models.

  • Why is tracking customer lifetime value important?

    Customer lifetime value is a metric that estimates the sum total a customer is expected to spend on a business.

    Tracking customer lifetime value is important because it allows you to measure the true ROI of your marketing campaigns.

    Wicked Reports attributes future payments and recurring revenue across the entire lifetime of your customers.

  • What makes a membership trial offer cohort valuable?

    A trial offer allows your prospects to access your information or course-based product for a limited time.

    If prospects like what your business provides, they can pay to access the full content or sign up for your course.

    With Wicked Reports, you can run campaigns and tie revenue back to trial offer cohorts, allowing you to see what messages drive profit and which don't.

  • Why do tracking pixels tend to miss the most valuable customers?

    Tracking pixels miss your most valuable customers because they don’t tie repeat purchases back to your lead generation campaigns.

    Wicked Reports solves this by connecting to 1st party CRM and sales data to automatically detect conversion points and attribute revenue to them. This allows you to identify the sources that generate your most valuable customers.

Wicked Reports is for your information or course-based business…

  • If you use different marketing channels to generate course leads, but can’t tie your ad spend to your results.
  • If you’re looking to grow and scale your information or course-based business with reliable tracking data.
  • If you want to track all recurring revenue and payment back and understand the long-term value of your ads.
  • If you’re worried you’re missing growth opportunities because you can’t accurately measure your ROI over time.
  • If you’re tired of switching between different systems that only show a partial picture of your marketing efforts.
  • If you want to save yourself hours on performing quantitative analysis you’ve had to do yourself.

campaign tracking multi-channel

Most importantly, Wicked Reports is for you if you’re looking for a customer tracking system that can help you grow and scale your informed or course-based business with honest conversion data you can trust.