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Launch Titans is a full-service digital marketing agency providing end-to-end service for all the major platforms. 


CEO Anthony Accetturo comes in to talk about his agency and process and strategies that resulted in over a billion dollars in revenue online.

Having spent 16 years ad buying, Anthony knows what he’s talking about whether it's Facebook or Google, email, or SMS. 

Find out how a real pro does marketing that gets the results you crave for. Tune in now.


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Episode Highlights:

[00:43] Launch Titan’s full-service offering

[01:42] How Anthony got into ad buying

[02:52] The type of brands they work with

[04:23] The impact of the iOS 14.5 update on their reporting

[09:06] How they help ecommerce with lead generation

[14:16] Now’s the time to move away from Facebook data

[17:05] Anthony’s process for finding out who to target

[21:12] The budget for top of the funnel ads

[23:37] Email’s role & the interplay with the type of funnel and ads

[25:54] An example of an intent-based branding campaign

[28:52] What’s next for Launch Titans

About Our Guest

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Anthony Accetturo

A digital marketing expert and entrepreneur specializing in influencer marketing, direct response marketing, brand lift, SaaS Promotion, and fitness marketing. His agency, Launch Titans, is a premier digital marketing agency focused on ROI-positive growth and marketing strategies.

Anthony has been doing ad buying for 16 years and has worked with over 1000 businesses and deployed thousands of different strategies. He is capable of working with nearly any brand in any niche to help them create revenue-positive growth.

Get in touch with Anthony at: anthony@launchtitans.com ↗.

Anthony Accetturo
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