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Episode 24:


iOS 14.5 Impact on Facebook Measurement


WREI_Omni_Channel Art


The iOS 14.5 update is here.

For today’s Ecommerce Insights episode, I’m going to clear up all the confusion and explain a few of the things that are going to happen. Then I’ll share with you the opportunities where you can get a massive edge over your competition. 

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Episode Highlights:

  1. The agenda for today’s webinar [00:49]
  2. What Facebook’s email on the impact of iOS 14.5 mean [03:19]
    • 1-day click-through opt-out data is going to be modeled [03:45] 
    • Facebook will no longer track iPhone data [05:11]
    • Attribution settings default changes to 7-day click-through [06:05]
    • Attribution methodology shifts from impression time to conversion time [08:02]
    • iOS 14.5 opted out events will no longer be included [09:03]
    • Conversion API is useful, but it won’t fix the problem [09:59]
  3. 3 opportunities to take advantage of & beat your competition [13:06]
  4. How to use Wicked Reports to get an edge [17:17]
  5. Webinar Q & A [21:44]
    • How is Wicked Reports protected from this? [22:03]
    • Will Facebook see one event for opted out users? [22:32]
    • Will you still see the highest prioritized event? [24:10]
    • Which conversion will Wicked Reports detect if you advertise only on Facebook? [25:02]
  6. Quiz: iOS 14.5 impact [27:28]
    • On sales measurement: User opts out, will the sale show up in Facebook ad manager? [28:29]
    • On sales measurement: User opts out, will the sale show up if you send it to Facebook by conversion API? [30:16]
    • Impact on retargeting measurement: User opts out, will a lead gen campaign show a lead? Will a retargeting campaign show a sale? [30:44]
    • On events reported for the same user: User opts in, will a lead gen campaign show a lead? Will a retargeting campaign show a sale? [31:55]
    • On 7-day attribution window: User opts in, buys 8 days after clicking on an ad, will it show up in Facebook ad manager? [33:14]
  7. Third-party vs. first-party data [33:38]

About Our Host:

Scott Desgrosseilliers is the Co-Founder & CEO of Wicked Reports. Starting out as a Database Administrator, he and his friend, Mark Murrell, made a breakthrough in digital marketing, particularly on Facebook and decided to found Wicked Reports in 2015. Based in Marblehead, Massachusetts, the company has continued to grow for the next five years, helping small businesses and entrepreneurs get a real ROI and maximize their ad spending & unpaid social activities.


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