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Using people’s fear of missing out has proven to be a very effective marketing strategy over time. But good strategies should not have to dwell on the negativity of fear.


So how do you create a sense of urgency on consumers without having to sacrifice your own business’s integrity?

Today, I have Jack Born, founder of Deadline Funnel, to discuss the practical uses of urgency in marketing. Jack shares how Deadline Funnel helps entrepreneurs and businesses increase their sales and lead conversion by automating the deadline of their offers to their prospects.

Join our conversation to know how you can give that extra motivation to your leads to avail your products and services.


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Episode Highlights:

[00:00] Introduction

[00:52] How Jack got into the digital marketing space

[06:51] Jack’s experience working with Perry Marshall

[12:16] Deadline Funnel’s backstory and the problems it solves

[17:38] How Deadline Funnel works and integrations you can do with it

[21:59] Deadline Funnel’s coupon code functionality in ecommerce

[28:46] The Zapier of Urgency

[31:06] The value of email integration with Deadline Funnel

[32:05] A tip on when you can send multiple emails at a time

[34:05] Being brave for once in marketing automation

About Our Guest

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Jack Born

Creates software that helps entrepreneurs maximize their sales through marketing automation. He’s the technical founder of DeadlineFunnel.com , SurveyFunnnel.io , BoxshotKing.com , and AW Pro Tools. 

Jack also created the Tactical Triangle concept which author and thought leader Perry Marshall covered in detail in Chapter 6 of his bestselling “80/20 Sales and Marketing” book.

Connect with Jack Born through Deadline Funnel’s Twitter ↗ and Facebook ↗ pages.

Jack Born
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