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Marketing attribution is a useful tool to help your business grow and succeed. The question, however, is how to use it the right way.


Joining us in this episode of E-commerce Insights is Mark Murrell of GetMaineLobster.com, as he shares his art and science of selling lobsters online and how it helped drive growth to his business amidst COVID-19!

Also, discover how the power of marketing attribution, running ads, email marketing, and generating leads can help you acquire and retain customers.

There are tons more that we’ll cover, so don’t skip a heartbeat. Tune in now!


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Episode Highlights:

[00:51] Running ads for the first time

[03:40] How and where to use marketing attribution data to grow your business

[05:03] Selling a celebration product with a constant flow of leads

[06:41] Direct response approach and getting in touch with customers

[09:27] What major holidays mean in generating leads

[11:31] The art and science of email marketing for old and new leads

[14:30] How to get crafty with your emails

[16:05] The nitty-gritty of remarketing

About Our Guest

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Mark Murrell

The founder of GetMaineLobster.com which has a primary goal of making fresh Maine seafood available to anyone in the continental United States. Definitely not a small chore, he established an online business of providing dock-to-doorstep delivery of the world’s best lobster—Maine lobster—which served 300k lobster lovers since its inception. Mark is also recognized as a leader in marketing, and is sought after to consult other industries interested in launching, or expanding, their businesses online.   

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