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Cold traffic is an altogether different animal from warm traffic. When you want to run Facebook ads, using the same offer and messaging you use with warm traffic won’t convert.


In today’s Ecommerce Insights episode, I have back Bill Pescosolido from The Lido Agency. This time he’s going to walk us through his process for helping small businesses scale up. 

Bill shares with us his overall strategic approach to improving Facebook ad conversion rates and optimizing the email offer and landing page. Plus, he points out the areas that a lot of people miss or the little gotchas that people must fix for all of these to work.

Facebook ads do work, but you must know how to utilize them. So tune in to find out.


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Episode Highlights:

[00:00] Introduction

[00:52] Cold traffic reacts differently than well-nurtured, warm traffic

[03:44] Make tweaks when converting an email offer to a Facebook ad

[04:54] People have a different intent for going on Facebook

[07:08] Going back to the value proposition is the first step

[10:40] Bill’s process for improving a client’s landing page

[13:05] Avoid confusion by having only 2 CTAs on your sales page

[16:36] Capture lead information or go for the sale?

[19:01] There are lot more things involved in getting the sale

[21:13] What people miss when writing their emails

[27:24] It’s not a traffic problem, it’s an offer problem

[33:14] Time for testing the environment is necessary

About Our Guest

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Bill Pescosolido

Bill Pescosolido and his wife Michelle are the team behind The Lido Agency. With vast expertise in Facebook advertising and copywriting, Bill and his wife help clients build brand awareness and increase revenue. 

Both of them have been marketing and building brands online since 2010, and are very hands-on in the ad creation, copy, and optimization that they do. The Pescosolido’s believe in fostering partnerships with their clients to be able to provide an individualized experience.

Bill Pescosolido
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