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Episode 35:


Crafting Ads That Convert: What Ecom Brands Need To Know About Revenue-Generating Ads with Lauren Schwartz


WREI_Omni_Channel Art


Today’s Ecommerce Insights episode focuses on creating top-performing ads. As an ecommerce brand looking to turn cold traffic into warm leads, a carefully crafted ad that considers both the creative and data is key.

Creative advertising expert Lauren Schwartz positions her strategies as the ‘creative that drives the click’. She helped personal care brand Love Wellness generate over $1 Million in their first year working with her.

The kicker? Their best-performing ad was a still image with a simple headline. 

But there’s more that happens behind the scenes to achieve something like that. And Lauren is here to give a ton of pointers for our ecom listeners. Learn how to identify your brand’s hook in 3 seconds, how to break down your pitch to be bite-sized for social media, the value of user-generated content, and the biggest ad mistakes even well-known brands make.

What else are you waiting for? Jump into the episode now.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Introduction [00:00]
  2. What’s a creative that drives the click [01:49]
  3. Identifying the hook in 3 seconds [03:02]
  4. How to break down your pitch for social media ads [05:15]
  5. The impact of iOS 14 in tracking purchases [9:23]
  6. Why it’s time to explore platforms other than Facebook [11:28]
  7. The biggest ad mistakes committed by brands [15:05]
  8. What is user-generated content? [17:09]
  9. Measuring the success of an FB ad for cold traffic [19:18]
  10. How Lauren helped Love Wellness make over $1M in a year [20:57]

About Our Guest:

An experienced creative advertising expert, Lauren Schwartz has spent over 15 years working as a design professional and over 8 years working in digital marketing. Lauren has strategized for brands such as Love Wellness, ColourPop Cosmetics, and Our Place. Since venturing out on her own, she has been helping in creating profitable creative ad strategies for top e-commerce brands utilizing Facebook, Google, and Snapchat.

Connect with Lauren through her Instagram.


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