We get this question all the time, even from clients we are already using Wicked Reports.

Here are 3 ways Wicked Reports’ attribution is different form Facebook and Google.

Wicked Reports attribution is based only on provable, trackable actions

Using UTMs we track the clicks from your ads to your landing pages, which have our tracking code on them to record clicks and optins. We integrate directly with your CRM and shopping cart, either with one of our many native integrations, webhooks, or a custom API integration.

Then we link together tracked clicks, views, and optins with known email addresses from your CRM and order records to attribute actual revenue to specific actions by known users.

Facebook looks for tracking pixel activity and attributes a sale to anyone for whom they, via their own internal and unverifiable tracking, see activity.

Wicked Reports attribution is cross-channel

As mentioned, Facebook will attribute a sale to anyone they know saw and ad for whom a pixel event was detected.

If that same person also saw a Google Ad and fired a Google tracking event, Google would take credit, too.

And what if they clicked an email link?

One sale, three possible attributions. Which is real?

Using our method, we look at which click got you the lead, and which specific click really gets credit for the sale based on when it happens during your customer’s journey from lead to buyer.

This shows you which channel played what role in the entire journey.

This is different from both Google and Facebook, who will attempt to take full credit for any sale they believe they played a role in, no matter how small, such as when someone on your list scrolls past a retargeting ad before buying from an email offer.

Wicked Reports attribution distinguishes between various points in the customer journey.

Some channels and ads are better for cold-traffic lead generation. Some better for retargeting, and some better for converting sales.

As discussed above, most channels will take full credit for any sale regardless of the role they played.

Maybe, in your business, Facebook is great for brand awareness (First Click) and retargeting (Re-Optin), Google works better for getting people to join your list (First Optin), and email is your closer (Last Click).

Wicked Reports can break that all down for you, while Google and Facebook are trying to take full credit and email is relying on open and click rates to tout it’s effectiveness.

Because Wicked Reports attribution is based on source data and trackable events, we can more accurately provide the analysis you need to know what’s working at each stage of your marketing funnel.

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