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Multitouch marketing attribution software

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Wicked Integrations Multi-Touch Attribution Software



Easily Connect contact & order sources, Facebook & Google With Wicked Reports



Simple Integrations for Wicked Reports

Simple integrations
take minutes to set up


Wicked reports connects with leading advertising, CRM, and ecommerce platforms

Connects with leading advertising, CRM, and ecommerce platforms


Set it and forget it for ad spend, conversion, and email tracking

Set it and forget it ad spend, conversion, and email tracking


Our technology ensures that
your analytics are accurate


In many cases, Wicked Reports can auto-tag your marketing links -saving time and dramatically increasing data accuracy.


Wicked Reports integrates seamlessly with leading ad platforms including facebook, Google, Klaviyo, Shopify, and ReCharge

Wicked Reports gives accurate attribution data with its multi-touch attribution software




Wicked Reports works with the world's most popular brands

Google Ads and Facebook integrate with Wicked Reports, multi-touch attribution software
Google Ads & Facebook integrations enable automatic tracking links and monitor ad spend

Wicked reports automatically detects one time sales, repeat buyers, and subscription sales.
Auto-detection of one-time sales, repeat buyers, and subscription sales for attribution

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Don't see your CRM on our list?

Zapier lead and sale conversion connects for everything else.

Auto-tag email clicks with Wicked Reports

Auto-tag email clicks for many CRMs for bottom of the funnel optimization

Direct lead conversions reporting with Wicked Reports

Detect lead conversions accurately and effectively

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multi touch marketing attribution wicked reports integrations



done once,
done for good


The minute you connect your channels,
you're good to go.No need to reconnect or authorize your integrations more than once. After initial setup, the Wicked Dashboard takes it from there.

Our Integrations connect with every  element of your marketing

Wicked Reports automatic tracking links

Automatic tracking links

Wicked Reports connects to your existing payment software

Payment software connects to enable ROI attribution from every sale

Automatically track CRM leads with Wicked Reports


Automatically keep track of your leads

monitor lead nurturing and retention campaigns inside the Wicked Reports dashboard

Marketing Automation
Keep tabs on lead nurturing and retention campaigns


Avoid mismanaged campaigns


Relying on data that you can't trust will cost your business big time.  The data you see in your Wicked Dashboard takes into account every ad, every lead source, and every website conversion.


avoid mismanaged ad campaigns integrate with Wicked Reports to see all your ad data in one place

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