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First-party data is going to be a big deal. With the Apple iOS changes, ecom companies now need to change their tactics.


So for today, I invite Mark Roberge, the former Chief Revenue Officer of HubSpot, to tell us more about the framework they used that has been very successful for SaaS companies. We take a look at applying those same structures from an ecom perspective. 

Check out this very strategic episode that’s made for all the ecoms out there!


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Episode Highlights:

[01:51] Mark’s background and how the growth framework came about

[03:41] When’s the right time to scale sales

[05:41] Customer retention is the best measure for product market fit

[09:17] Price for commitment not profitability

[11:29] Understanding what exactly is product-market fit

[14:26] Price and marketing takes the spotlight in the go to market fit phase

[19:05] Don’t forget to factor in lifetime value

[21:13] Scale is about establishing a pace

[24:29] Using a first touch attribution model at HubSpot

[27:52] Why marketing attribution isn’t being embraced by top SMBs

About Our Guest

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Mark Roberge

During his time as the former Chief Revenue Officer at HubSpot, Mark Roberge was able to scale the startup and later on take it to IPO. He was then recruited into Harvard Business School to build and teach their first courses on sales and revenue generation. Mark is currently the Managing Director at Stage 2 Capital.

You can connect with Mark through his LinkedIn ↗.

Mark Roberge
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