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Episode 29:


All About GCLIDs


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What are GCLIDs and how important are they to your marketing?

You may have heard about GCLIDs or Google Click IDs, but aren’t entirely sure what they do and their impact.

Which is why I’m dedicating this entire episode to everything about GCLIDs. At the end of this, you’ll know whether they’re important to you, what’s their impact on your bid strategies, how often you should be importing conversions, and much much more.

Prepare to get more familiar as we all dive into GCLIDS.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. What is GCLID and what it’s for [00:45]
  2. What Google uses GCLID data for [03:22]
  3. Value-based bidding vs. volume-based bidding [04:46] 
  4. You don’t need to upload conversions within an hour [06:00]
  5. Is there a minimum amount of sales when uploading? [08:29]
  6. The issue when optimizing to multiple conversion actions [09:11]
  7. Why you should upload the delayed conversions [11:23]
  8. Always consider what data you’re sending to educate Google [14:35]

About Our Host:

Scott Desgrosseilliers is the Co-Founder & CEO of Wicked Reports. Starting out as a Database Administrator, he and his friend, Mark Murrell, made a breakthrough in digital marketing, particularly on Facebook and later founded Wicked Reports in 2015. Based in Marblehead, Massachusetts, the company has continued to grow and is successfully helping small businesses and entrepreneurs get a real ROI and maximize their ad spending & unpaid social activities.


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