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Not sure how things will play out in the ad-buying process in 2021?


With 2020 digital marketing changes that rocked the world of marketers, advertisers, and small businesses, everyone can’t help but wonder what’ll happen this year. Today, we sit down with Justin Brenner, an expert digital marketer and ad buyer on multiple media platforms. From ad placements to 
tracking lead conversions ↗, we cover everything you need to know about ad-buying. We also discuss the shocking Apple IDFA policy changes that shook all marketers to the core.

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Episode Highlights:

[00:26] How Justin went from affiliate marketing to ad buying

[03:11] Media platforms and ad spend Justin managed in 2020

[04:55] The downside of using SEO to track attribution

[06:37] Working on the top, middle, and bottom of the sales funnel

[08:00] Marketing attribution with Snapchat and Pinterest

[10:03] Will marketing attribution and ad buying strategies change in 2021?

[11:48] Tracking offline conversions

[13:46] Measuring conversions on Facebook with Apple’s new IDFA policy

[16:01] Facebook may not be a great tool to measure leads

[18:31] Lead conversion of iOS users vs Android OS users

[21:14] Forecasting the effect of Apple policy changes on Google Ad Analytics

[25:43] The benefit of learning about ad buying across multiple platforms

[28:43] How Apple policy changes affect local advertisers and small businesses

[32:33] The nitty-gritty of AdLeaks

About Our Guest

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Justin Brenner

Justin Brenner helps Tim Burd run AdLeaks, a forum for high-level marketers, releasing different courses on SEO, affiliate marketing, ad-buying, to name a few. He is also the CEO of Ignite Your Brand, a branding and marketing agency that partners with big names such as Microsoft Advertising, Klaviyo, Verizon, etc.

Justin Brenner
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