Why Wicked?

Optimize Ad Spend

Confidently scale winner and cut losers based on ROI and LTV.

Connect Lead Gen to High LTV

Reverse engineer customer acquisition.

Reliable Conversion Data

Honest conversions lead to increased revenue.

Marketing Attribution Expertise

$2 billion in ad spend, $5 billion in attributed revenue

Customer and Subscription Lifetime Value

Detect repeat and subscription customers and attribute to marketing spend

Who We Help


Marketing attribution to increase Ecommerce ROI


Find lead sources that create subscription customers.

Information & Course

Connect marketing that leads to info & course sales.

Multi-Channel Marketers

Evaluate ROI and LTV of all channels.


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ROI and LTV Reporting

Channel, campaign, ad, and targeting ROI, LTV, and CAC.

Wicked Optimization Playbooks

Turn data into profitable action with precise analysis steps and advice


One-click integrations with marketing, sales, and ad systems.

Predictive, Cohort, and Data Mining

Customer lifetime value and behavior analysis.

Channel, Campaign, and Ad Optimization

High level insights and granular optimization actions.

Attribution Models That Work

Attribution that factors customer lifetime value, subscriptions, and lead gen.

Wicked Smartz Time Savers

Intuitive filtering and sorting that delivers answers.

Wicked Reports Vs.

Conversion Quality over Quantity

Wicked detects and attributes conversions that scale revenue.

Wicked Reports vs Tracking Pixels

Wicked Reports vs Oribi, Attribution.io, and tracking pixels.

Wicked Reports vs HubSpot Attribution

Advantages over HubSpot for multi-channel ecom marketers.

Wicked Reports vs Facebook pixel

Multi-channel lifetime value attribution vs Facebook pixel issues

Wicked Reports vs Google Analytics pixel

Multi-channel lifetime value attribution vs Google pixel issues

Wicked Reports vs. Dashboard Reporting

Wicked Reports vs Domo, Grow, Google Data Studio, TapClicks, NinjaCat, AdStage, and others

Wicked Smartz tracking accuracy and time savers

Get accurate tracking of your business' marketing campaigns with Wicked Smartz.  

Wicked Smartz cuts through the flood of information to deliver the information you need to make profitable, money-saving decisions that will increase your marketing ROI.

Wicked Smartz performs quantitative work and provides you with clear and correct results, instantly.

Stop Wasting Time Combing Through Spreadsheets 

You and your team have important tasks that can’t be done if you’re stuck in a spreadsheet vortex trying to crunch numbers. 

Wicked Smartz intelligent analytics interface, performs the complex technical tasks and quantitative analysis you don't have time for.

Here's how Wicked Smartz will maximize your marketing efficiency while taking the stress out of analytics:


Get Answers to Your Data Questions 

Ask Wicked Smartz a number of simple questions and the system will dive deep into your data to get you immediate, accurate answers.

For instance, learn which of your marketing ventures generate real profit and which just generate clicks.

answer to data questions

Reclaim The Hours You’ve Lost Crunching Numbers 

Wicked Smartz provides real-time answers and solutions for some of your most time-consuming tasks. 

Stop spending time crunching the numbers yourself. Wicked Smartz gives you real-world, accurate data in moments.

real-world accurate data

Receive a Full-Attribution Impact Assessment of Your Ads 

Wicked Smartz reports tap into first-party data to give you much-needed insight into the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising campaigns. 
Here's how Wicked Smartz can help you improve revenue while saving time:

Link Setup

Wicked Smartz tackles the tedious task of setting up tracking links

Lifecycle Tracking

Track the effectiveness of your campaign through the customer journey

Deep Integrations 

Wicked Smartz integrates with vital sources of marketing information

Full Assessment

Get a full impact assessment of your ad campaigns

email performance

Using Wicked Smartz gives you...

  • Immediate, accurate answers to your complicated data questions. 

  • The full picture of your ad campaigns to understand exactly how much money is going out and coming in. This helps you accurately gauge your success. 

  • An understanding of how each impression or click translates to actual dollars to better optimize your marketing budget.

Wicked Smartz FAQs

  • What is Tracking in Digital Marketing?

    Digital marketing tracking is the act of measuring the way consumers are interacting with your digital marketing initiatives. 

    When you track a digital marketing campaign effectively, like with Wicked Reports, you’re tracking not only the number of clicks and impressions your ads receive, but the revenue generated from them.

  • What are the Four Major Stages of the Customer Journey?

    The four major stages of the prospect-to-customer journey are first click, first opt-in, re-opt-in, and last click. 

    Wicked Smartz helps you understand each stage.


  • How does Wicked Smartz make link click tracking more accurate?

    Alternative solutions require UTM links to be manually created for each ad link. This takes time, and is often done incorrectly, especially when cloning ads.  Incorrect UTMs lead to incorrect data which leads to bad decisions.

    Wicked Reports auto-tags any new Facebook ads with the correct tracking IDs and provides a Google tracking template for all Google ads.  This insures foolproof link identification and greater data accuracy.

  • Why not just filter data myself?

    Many Wicked Reports users DO setup and save filters for their specific channel & campaign insights.  WickedSmartz filtering provides a fast way to filter and sort data to get a specific answer.

Wicked Smartz is for you…

  • You're wasting valuable company time setting up tracking links. 
  • You’re tired of manually sifting through endless spreadsheets trying to find actionable takeaways.
  • You want instant access to information spanning the prospect-to-customer journey.
  • You want accurate, full-attribution impact assessment of your ad campaigns.

accurate analytics tool

Most of all, Wicked Smartz is for you if you need an accurate analytics tool that provides you with the answers to your hardest data questions and enables you to take clear action to grow your business online.