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As the largest, most popular video hosting platform, YouTube presents a massive opportunity to reach a wider audience.


But for those used to running Facebook ads, YouTube operates differently and appears to be confusing for some.

Luckily, I have someone today who is an expert on YouTube ad buying. Tom Breeze joins me as we go over the best strategies for creating amazing video ads, the 3 Acts that make up a great ad, tactics and rules of thumb that our ecom listeners should take note of, and so much more.

Learn the ins and outs of making video ads by tuning in to this episode.

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Episode Highlights:

[01:17] What led Tom to focus on YouTube ad-buying

[10:27] The day Tom realized what he wanted to do

[12:53] Their ad spend in 2020

[14:37] The 4 A’s to a successful YouTube ad campaign

[18:01] A good ad gets the psychology right

[21:39] The 3 Acts in every great ad

[27:59] Example of a successful ad that wakes up people’s desires

[34:49] Emphasize letting people buy a new identity

[38:16] The beauty of telling a story

[42:33] Rule of thumb when building your audience

[48:51] Great results take time and compound over time

[51:30] Prepare for the data storm coming this 2021 & get creative

About Our Guest

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Tom Breeze

With his degree in Psychology, Tom Breeze is specially equipped to understanding the motivations that drive people to buy. He is the founder and director of video advertising agency Viewability and specializes in video advertising. Having created over 1,700 video advertising campaigns for his clients and have spent money and time testing and tracking the results, Tom now teaches business owners the strategies on how to advertise on YouTube.

tom breeze
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