Marketing Attribution for Multi-Channel Marketers

Are you struggling to get a complete understanding of your more complicated marketing campaigns? 

Multi-channel marketers commonly use Google search and Facebook lead gen ads at the top of the funnel, Google display ads and Facebook retargeting ads for the middle of the funnel, and email at the bottom of the funnel.

Wicked Reports enables you to map all your data to your campaign goals so you can understand exactly what you're looking at and how to act.

Here's how Wicked Reports can help multi-channel marketers see the full picture of their campaigns.

Optimize Your Ad Spend With Attribution Reporting Tools

You’re running multi-channel marketing campaigns for your business, but you can’t tie ad spend to results or lifetime value. It's a common problem.

With Wicked Reports, you get multi-channel marketing tracking which enables you to show the direct, bottom-line effect of even your most complicated campaigns.

Here’s how you can use Wicked Reports to accurately track your multi-channel campaigns and optimize your ad spend.

Attribute revenue to all touchpoints

Wicked Reports uses 1st party CRM and sales data to detect your conversions and attribute revenue to them.

Accurately measure your marketing ROI and identify which channels are driving high-value customers to your business.

attribute revenue to all touchpoints

Optimize your marketing ad spend

Our attribution models track the customer lifetime value of your clicks, enabling you to see the true ROI of your campaigns.

Optimize your ad spend with accurate conversion data you can trust by scaling winning campaigns and cutting losers. 

GML ROI 3M lead gen

Get reliable conversion data you can trust

You can’t determine the long-term ROI of your ads unless you can accurately attribute revenue to your marketing clicks - something that Wicked Reports does automatically.
Here's how you can boost your multi-channel marketing efforts with Wicked Reports:

See what messaging works on multiple channels

Track clicks and see results on all your marketing channels

Optimize your ad spend based on customer LTV

Attribute lead and customer value to multiple ad channels

multi-channel marketing efforts

  • Make informed marketing decisions based on honest conversion data you can trust

  • See exactly how your multi-channel marketing efforts are performing and where you can improve 

  • Attribute all revenue back to specific lead generation campaigns and see the long-term value of your ads

  • Understand conversion points across the buyer journey and see where your best leads are coming from




Multi-Channel FAQs

  • What is multi-channel attribution?

    Multi-channel attribution is used to attribute sales and revenue to touchpoints on different marketing channels like search and social ads.

    It can help you identify which of your marketing channels are having the greatest impact on your business' growth.

    Wicked Reports tracks all your marketing clicks and attributes them to actual orders, allowing you to see the ROI of your true ad spend.

  • How are conversions tracked?

    Marketers typically track sales data across multi-channel campaigns using tracking pixels. However, these pixels can't see repeat purchases or track recurring income. That means inaccurate data which can result in poor marketing investment.

    To solve this issue, Wicked Reports connects to 1st party CRM and sales data to automatically attribute revenue to your marketing clicks.  



  • What is the buyer journey?

    The buyer journey is the set of steps that prospects follow before ultimately becoming a buyer.

    Understanding the buyer journey means you can provide value at each stage and move prospects further down the sales funnel with targeted messaging.

    Wicked Reports maps ad clicks to your CRM and sales data to automatically detect and attribute revenue, allowing you to measure ROI across the entire buyer journey.

  • What is return on ad spend (ROAS)?

    Return on ad spend, or ROAS, is a metric that measures the revenue your business earns for each dollar spent on advertising.

    Tracking ROAS can help your business understand the effectiveness of your multi-channel campaigns and pinpoint growth opportunities.

Wicked Reports is for your business…

  • If you want to track all marketing clicks across the entire buyer journey and see what’s really working instead of guessing.
  • If you want to optimize your marketing ROI across channels like email, paid search, and social media.
  • If you’re an ecommerce business and can’t accurately determine which of your campaigns are generating sales. 
  • If you’re a subscription or education-based business and want to tie all recurring revenue to your ad spend.
  • If you’re worried you’re losing sales to your competitors because you don’t have reliable conversion data.

attribution that makes sense

Ultimately, Wicked Reports is for you if you’re looking for a multi-channel tracking system that helps you make sense of your data without needing a team of analysts.