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Episode 11:


Doomsday Prep: How Ecommerce Expert Tier11 CEO Ralph Burns Prepared for the Apple iOS 14 Update


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The upcoming Apple iOS 14 update is happening. If you’re an ecommerce company, what have you done to prepare for the IDFA changes?

For those who are still stuck and unsure of what to do, our special guest might shine a light on your worries.

The CEO of Tier 11, Ralph Burns, joins us today to talk about the Apple iOS 14 update, what his company is doing to prepare for that, and what it took for them to build a ad portfolio of $100M+. 

Don’t miss out on this loaded episode, so tune in right now.

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Change is part of the Facebook advertising business [01:22]
  2. Facebook is doing something about this [03:52]
  3. The vagueness surrounding the 8 standard events [06:14]
  4. Conversion API is the pixel insurance [11:04]
  5. First, follow Facebook’s advice [12:23]
  6. The change from 28-day click to 7-day click is going to be problematic [13:38]
  7. Tier 11’s eCom Ad Amplifier [17:40]
  8. Are lead ads run in front of an offer good? [22:36]
  9. Tier 11’s journey to managing $100M in ad spend [25:54]
  10. The pivots during their agency’s plateaus [31:16]
  11. There is no hack to success [37:56]

About Our Guest:

Ralph Burns runs Tier 11, which focuses on helping ecommerce companies grow their business through Facebook and Instagram advertising. Tier 11 has over 10 years of Facebook advertising experience and manages a portfolio of Facebook advertising customer accounts with an annual ad spend of $100 million

Ralph is also a co-host of Digital Marketer’s Perpetual Traffic, one of the most downloaded marketing podcasts. 


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