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Pricing is probably not the sexiest conversation you can have with your customers. It’s uncomfortable. It’s awkward. But it’s also imperative.


As if talking about it isn’t uncomfortable enough, even knowing how to price your product right is a challenge that every other ecommerce business in the next block faces.

That’s why pricing guru Patrick Campbell, Founder & CEO of ProfitWell, joins me today to help you approach pricing strategically sans the discomfort. There’s more to gain in today’s episode that’ll help your ecom business soar to greater heights!

Don’t know how to deal with pricing? Hop on in to the show now!


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Episode Highlights:

[01:03] What makes pricing challenging

[03:45] Higher price attracts better customers

[05:40] How to set the right product price

[08:17] The pricing framework for non-discount brands

[12:12] The compounding effect of getting ecom subscriptions right

[15:04] How businesses with consumptive products play with subscriptions

[20:33] Best pricing strategies that can turn the tables for your ecom business

[25:08] The importance of having a framework when pricing

[26:41] The link between customer acquisition and freemium products

[28:55] The evolution of ProfitWell

[31:56] What’s next for ProfitWell in 2021

About Our Guest

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Patrick Campbell

Founder & CEO of ProfitWell, Patrick Campbell is well-known in the ecommerce industry for his expertise in pricing and subscription. Formerly known as Price Intelligently, the company dates back to 2012 and has since grown rapidly, powering the subscription financial metrics for 20% of the subscription market, from startups to Fortune 50 companies.

You can contact Patrick through LinkedIn ↗ or his email ↗.

patrick campbell
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