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Starting your own niche is an extremely risky move. But once you’ve found the perfect recipe to make it work, overwhelming results are sure to go your way. 


Today, I have with me Alanna Kaivalya, a pioneer in the online yoga teaching industry, to show us how setting your own business breakthroughs is possible.

Alanna and I talk through her journey to becoming an award-winning marketer, from the amazing impacts of her yoga practice on how she runs her business to her takeaways growing her online yoga teaching business.

Tune in to this episode now and who knows? You could be the next industry leader showing up in business podcasts.


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Episode Highlights:

[00:00] Introduction

[01:33] Alanna’s beginning in the online yoga teaching business

[05:41] Beyond the mat: Yoga’s impact on running a business

[12:00] How Alanna markets her online yoga teaching business

[15:20] Alanna’s go-to sales funnel

[16:43] How Alanna handles copywriting for her business

[17:50] Alanna’s preferred ad-buying platforms and strategies

[19:51] Publishing platforms for Alanna’s books

[22:13] Alanna’s biggest learnings as a professor

[27:37] Alanna’s tip on doing her sacred sound practice

[30:05] The power of breath control in a meditation practice

[32:37] Testings and iterations that Alanna took in growing her business

[34:43] A nugget of wisdom from Alanna

About Our Guest

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Alanna Kaivalya

The founder of the Spiritual Leadership Institute, the world's first higher-education training program dedicated to yoga psychology's cutting-edge field. 

They offer the skills, methods, and tactics needed to enter into one's purpose as a spiritual leader, allowing them to use their gifts to make a significant difference in the lives of others.

Connect with Alanna on her Website ↗.

Alanna Kaivalya
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