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An essential aspect of every ecommerce website is data analytics. Without it, it will be difficult to measure and boost the ecommerce site’s revenue. 


In this episode, we discuss the data that comes into ecommerce sites such as trends, customer preferences, buying patterns, and several other metrics. 

Raj Sheth, Founder and CEO of Flydata.com, talks about the importance of centralizing data for analysis. Ecommerce websites should be able to pull in data from various sources without having to go through the whole ordeal of manually sifting through different analytics platforms.

Learn how you can have a better data analytics structure for your ecommerce website and how to use the data to better improve customer experience, customer retention, and increase your revenue.  


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Episode Highlights:

[00:01] Why an ecommerce company needs to centralize its data analytics

[05:09] The right Data Warehouse structure and how to pull in the right data

[07:01] Where is the most ROI when it comes to product analytics

[09:57] How can inventory analytics help ecommerce sites - predict demand of their products

[12:55] What metrics on finance analytics you need to watch out for

[14:53] Source for the attribution numbers using the ad platform conversion numbers

[18:04] Onboarding process at flydata.com

[21:46] Raj’s failures and successes as an entrepreneur

About Our Guest

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Raj Sheth

Raj Sheth is on his 4th time in business as an entrepreneur who started testing and experimenting on several businesses as early as his college days at Babson College. He had been in the tech startup scene for years. He founded and later sold RecruiterBox - a recruiting software for companies.  

Currently, he is the Founder and CEO of Flydata.com. It is an ETL company that replicates your database to Amazon RedShift.

You can connect with Raj through this email: raj@flydata.com ↗.

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