Cohort, Predictive Behavior, And Data Mining Reports

Get unparalleled insight into your website visitors and customers with advanced marketing attribution analytics reports from Wicked Reports. 

Modern Marketing Requires Modern Marketing Attribution Analytics 

To properly optimize your campaigns for enhanced return on investment, you need reports that not only show you past results, but also predict what results you’ll have in the future. 

Discover the unique advantages of using Wicked Reports' Cohort, Predictive Behavior, and Data Mining Reports.

Cohort Analysis Reports Put a Spotlight on Your Most Valuable Customers 

Wicked Reports' Cohort Analysis Reports tell you what you need to know about a group of leads or customers over time.

With Cohort Reports, you can see:

  • Total leads and revenue generated over a chosen time period
  • Total cost of a lead-generating campaign 
  • Revenue earned vs. budget spent

new lead cohort

Predictive Behaviors Optimize the Timing of Your Marketing 

Wicked Reports' predictive behaviors report shows you when customers are most likely to buy. 

This analytic report helps you optimize your ad spend by showing you precisely when your campaigns are converting.

Predictive Behaviors Report

Data Mining Gives you Unparalleled Insight Into Your Audience 

Data mining is an advanced modern marketing process that allows you to sort massive data sets to identify your industry or business's buying patterns. 
Wicked Reports makes use of data mining technology to serve users in a number of ways. 
Wicked Reports Uses Data Mining to Help You...

Compare marketing campaigns with Cohort Reports

Get insight into how your customers are likely to behave in the future

Determine the days and times your campaigns are most likely to convert

View your audience in unparalleled detail with data mining reports

By using these reports, you’ll be able to receive accurate results from all of your campaigns, both in terms of what you put in and what you got out. 

You’ll also be able to: 

  • See everything from your Facebook campaigns to email marketing and Google campaigns, all in one centralized dashboard.

  • Understand your ROI for a certain period and then some by seeing actual hard numbers detailing how your investment has matured over time. 

  • Get a better understanding of the buying behaviors of your audience. What are they buying? When are they buying it? What days and times have the highest probability of conversion


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Cohort Reporting FAQs

  • What Does Cohort Mean?

    A cohort is a subsection of customers who are grouped together by some shared characteristic.

    This could be the date that they converted, the marketing channel that they found you through, etc.

  • What is the Difference Between a Cohort and a Segment?

    A cohort is a group joined by some unified experience like a marketing channel. A segment describes a group of people in a cohort. 

    If you have a cohort of customers who came from Facebook ads, dividing them up by age would create segments. 



  • What is a Cohort Analysis Used For?

    A cohort analysis is a tool that measures the engagement of your users over time based on a shared trait. 

    Using a cohort analysis you’ll be able to tell if your user engagement is increasing or decreasing over time and what channels are yielding the best results. 

  • How Do You Do a Cohort Analysis?

    When creating a Cohort Report there are three steps before generating your report. 

    1. Determine the question or questions you want to answer. Example: “How many leads came from Google Ads in the second quarter?”
    2. Select the metrics. Example: The dates and leads generated. 
    3. Choose the cohorts you’re testing. If you want to compare, you could select other channels too. 

Wicked Reports is for you…

  • You want to see how much money you’re getting back from various marketing campaigns.  
  • You want to track the success or failure of a campaign for a certain period and beyond.
  • You’re frustrated by using a number of different analytics platforms and want a more streamlined solution where everything is in one place.
  • You want information on how and when your audience spends money.
  • You want a better understanding of how your target audience and customers are going to behave in the future. 

    new lead cohort
Most of all, Wicked Reports is for you if you need an affordable tracking and marketing attribution system that will help you better understand the behaviors of your customers and track your success over time.