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Starting a digital marketing agency from scratch is by no means an easy feat. But when you devote yourself to a vision and continuous learning, it’s not impossible at all!


For James Schramko, Founder of SuperFastBusiness, his vision is what shaped his digital marketing business into the success that it is today. He recounts his tales on how he quickly hit six figures as soon as he quit his job, how he mapped out his business’ journey that easily catapulted him to success, the power of time-blocking in achieving your vision, and more. He also shares his views on the ongoing conflict between Apple and Facebook.

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Episode Highlights:

[01:33] James’ About page evolution

[03:28] Leveraging his skills to effectively sell coaching programs online

[06:04] Teaching online traffic techniques with a variety of guests

[08:43] How he envisioned the growth of his business

[12:35] The thought process behind his vision

[16:26] The importance of time-blocking in achieving your vision

[22:09] The Apple vs Facebook tracking issue

[25:03] Why you need to diversify your income channels

[26:03] How James enhanced his intuition

[29:23] James’ coaching program and his business

[31:27] The conception of ‘own the racecourse’

[33:36] Why email marketing is the second most important asset in 2021

[37:35] The power of help desk in making more sales for your business

[40:26] James’ SuperFastBusiness

About Our Guest

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James Schramko

A self-taught affiliate marketer, James Schramko quit his job as a General Manager for a certain car company and founded his own digital marketing agency called the SuperFastBusiness in 2008. After starting his own podcast of the same namesake, the success of his business quickly blossomed over the next few years. He is also the author of the bestselling book, Work Less, Make More.

James Schramko
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