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Cohort Report

By Scott Desgrosseilliers on Feb 28, 2020 12:55:22 PM

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Understanding how much money your leads continue to spend with you is an extremely important data point.

If over time Leads that you find through Source A tend to spend way more money faster than Leads who were found through source B, you would likely want to focus your efforts on Source A Leads.

Our Cohort Analysis Report was created to answer this very question.

Without bringing in the true lifetime value of your customers you are wasting money and not spending enough to get the best customers and leads that are valuable for your business:

  • Wicked Reports show which ads create the most long term revenue for your company.
  • Tracking cohort groups over time reveals the true ROI of your marketing spending.
  • This report shows your days until you break even by your monthly cohort behavior. Find the cohorts where you break even the fastest and make sure your current marketing strategy reflects the tactics you used for those cohorts.
  • Track increase in value over time to see what you can pay for a lead