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2023 Attribution Insights

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2023 Ad Spend Insights

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Save 20% of Ad Spend with FunnelVision: A Game-Changing Solution

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FunnelVision Release - Wicked Reports Product Update

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Did you know... Find Hidden ROAS

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Did you know... First Click and New Lead Sales Velocity

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Fastest growing e-commerce sectors for 2025

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Did you know…Potential Missed Opportunities

John Peich

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Wicked Reports & New Zapier Release

By John Peich on Sep 3, 2020 3:31:34 PM

Wicked Reports has released its newest Zapier Integration that provides you with more functionality when sending custom clicks! Therefore, we are deprecating our older releases (1.1.1 & 1.1.2) to have everyone move to this newer release (1.2.1). Here's what you need to do to upgrade.

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Cohort Report Updates

By John Peich on Apr 5, 2020 6:45:42 PM

Wicked Reports is making it easier for you to look at your Cohort Reports. We've:

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