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ROI From Google Ads

By Scott Desgrosseilliers on Feb 28, 2020 11:07:35 AM

roi from google ads

Many SMBs do not understand the ROI they are getting from Google Ads because their sales are happening offline or they have a subscription based model where one sale results in recurring monthly revenue. Wicked Reports is able to connect with CRMs and pull in sales data to show businesses the ROI they are getting from many different advertising channels.

The challenge was Google Ads was showing form fills and phone calls to a business, but not the sales and sales value data. Without this sales data, smart bidding was optimizing around a wider net and was not able to “see” which actions were resulting in sales.

Leverage Advertiser Sales Data in Google Ads & Optimize with Smart Bidding

In order to improve Google Ads performance and drive better ROI for SMBs we needed to leverage that sales data into Google’s platform to give Smart Bidding a holistic view of which actions were resulting in the best value for a business. Wicked Reports already had integrations with the CRMs of all of their customers. This allowed us to pass the gCLID through to the CRM data and match it back to the Google Ads touchpoints. This allowed the conversion actions to be updated with CRM Leads and Sales data.

We then needed to choose the right Smart Bidding model to optimize around this true business data that was imported into Google Ads. It was important that we take into account the value of each sale, so we decided to implement a Target ROAS strategy that would optimize for value as opposed to cost. Advertisers are able to opt-into this Smart Bidding strategy directly from the Wicked Reports platform. Wicked Reports leveraged Google Ads scripts to make this possible. Because Wicked Reports only has Reporting API access, they wanted to utilize Scripts to expedite speed to market, instead of building this feature through the Google Ads API and have to complete full RMF.

With the improved performance of the Offline Conversion Import and Smart Bidding, Wicked Reports wanted to also give advertisers the opportunity to increase budget and re-enable paused campaigns that were driving delayed revenue. We flagged campaigns that had high ROI and low impression share in the Wicked Reports platform to allow advertisers to implement budget increases via scripts. We also used scripts to re-enable campaigns that had delayed ROI. This helps people understand the Customer Lifetime Value of Google Ads.