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By Scott Desgrosseilliers on Feb 28, 2020 11:12:24 AM

shopify and wicked reports
wicked reports and shopify

You look in your Shopify app and see that you made a sale. That’s great!

Now you want to do more of what brought the sale in because it worked. Of course, that’s only logical. So how do you bridge the gap between your marketing programs and Shopify data?

But now you ask . . .

  • Where did that customer come from?
  • Was it that killer email you sent out last week to your own list?
  • Did it come from your new Facebook ad?
  • Or could it have been the blog post that went up last month?

Shopify can’t tell you that. Their records are based on last click, which means you see only the last thing a customer clicked on before they appeared in your Shopify store. It’s the final conversion but it’s not the whole story. So how do you bridge the gap between your marketing programs and Shopify data?

Multiple Outreach Programs
After all, we know that customers often don’t buy right away. It can take weeks or even months before they pull out their card and hit Buy. In that time you have probably reached out to them multiple times and in several different ways. You’ve used different messages, tested several offers, and tried discounts. But you don’t know which one worked.

All the data from those programs goes into your CRM but how can you bridge the gap between marketing program and action, prospect and customer, CRM and Shopify to find out which marketing program got you a customer and brought in revenue?

Again, Shopify can’t tell you that.

Tracking the Customer Journey
But Wicked Reports can. In fact, we track the entire customer journey from first optin to last click so we can tell you exactly what brought in that sale to Shopify. Not just the first optin or the last click—you see the precise program that caused your customer to buy.

You can also see where your best customers came from long before they appeared in your Shopify store. Now you can go back and mine that rich source again.


Wicked Reports integrates with Shopify through an app that pulls in all your order data with a simple Shopify integration.  Once you connect it, the app puts our code on your Shopify pages and begins importing your data into Wicked Reports. It’s easy and it’s accurate.

Plus, we sync the data we need nightly so your reports are constantly refreshed. You make decisions based on data that is always current so you can adjust your marketing spend with total confidence.

What About Other Shopify Tracking Apps?
Other Shopify tracking app do some of this but it has one big problem: they track Facebook pixels. We know that pixel tracking doesn’t work for six BIG reasons.

  • Incomplete Data: There will always be gaps in the data because pixels don’t cover data from telephone follow-up or leads generated at a live event.
  • Inaccurate Data: Pixels load the data multiple times or it’s not properly installed.
  • No Data: People shop with cookies turned off. Your best customers might buy over directly without ever hitting a pixel page.
  • Conflicting Data: Customers use multiple devices over their lifetime with your company. Or they have multiple products in their shopping cart.
  • Time-Consuming Processes: You must program the “value” of a conversion on every Thank You page, which is tedious and takes time
  • Difficult Attribution: It’s hard to push data across domains. Plus the complexity of marketing efforts makes it nearly impossible to attribute the right source.

Forget Pixels, Track People
Wicked Reports avoids all these problems because we don’t use pixels at all. Instead, Wicked Reports is a “People-Based Tracking” system that records the metrics of real human beings. It connects directly to the source of your data, your CRM and ecommerce/email systems.

Without pixels, you don’t have to worry whether you’re making decisions based on bad data. And you don’t have to hire expensive programmers to connect all your systems or do a lot of tedious work.

Remember, the money happens when you can connect the click on an ad or an email to sales in your shopping cart AND you can see the return on investment over time. When you connect Shopify to Wicked Reports, you see all this data, all the time, with complete confidence in its accuracy.

As GI Joe famously said, “Knowing is half the battle.” Once you know where customers are coming from, you can scale your winners and kill your losers based on crystal-clear ROI. The rest is up to you.