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Optimize Ad Spend

Confidently scale winner and cut losers based on ROI and LTV.

Connect Lead Gen to High LTV

Reverse engineer customer acquisition.

Reliable Conversion Data

Honest conversions lead to increased revenue.

Marketing Attribution Expertise

$2 billion in ad spend, $5 billion in attributed revenue

Customer and Subscription Lifetime Value

Detect repeat and subscription customers and attribute to marketing spend

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Marketing attribution to increase Ecommerce ROI


Find lead sources that create subscription customers.

Information & Course

Connect marketing that leads to info & course sales.

Multi-Channel Marketers

Evaluate ROI and LTV of all channels.


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ROI and LTV Reporting

Channel, campaign, ad, and targeting ROI, LTV, and CAC.

Wicked Optimization Playbooks

Turn data into profitable action with precise analysis steps and advice


One-click integrations with marketing, sales, and ad systems.

Predictive, Cohort, and Data Mining

Customer lifetime value and behavior analysis.

Channel, Campaign, and Ad Optimization

High level insights and granular optimization actions.

Attribution Models That Work

Attribution that factors customer lifetime value, subscriptions, and lead gen.

Wicked Smartz Time Savers

Intuitive filtering and sorting that delivers answers.

Wicked Reports Vs.

Conversion Quality over Quantity

Wicked detects and attributes conversions that scale revenue.

Wicked Reports vs Tracking Pixels

Wicked Reports vs Oribi, Attribution.io, and tracking pixels.

Wicked Reports vs HubSpot Attribution

Advantages over HubSpot for multi-channel ecom marketers.

Wicked Reports vs Facebook pixel

Multi-channel lifetime value attribution vs Facebook pixel issues

Wicked Reports vs Google Analytics pixel

Multi-channel lifetime value attribution vs Google pixel issues

Wicked Reports vs. Dashboard Reporting

Wicked Reports vs Domo, Grow, Google Data Studio, TapClicks, NinjaCat, AdStage, and others


Episode 6:


Attribution Possibilities That the Next $100M Ecommerce Company Will Exploit


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What is that secret formula that allows ecommerce companies to do so well at marketing attribution, they continue to scale to 8 figures?

At some point, you might be wondering why most (if not all) ecommerce giants have incredibly high conversion rates. Well, the first thing that you need to know is that there is no big secret. The second thing is, everything you need to scale your business is already at your fingertips. 

Find out how you can even the playing field in today’s episode as I talk about the three essential marketing attribution elements that are possible drivers for higher leads and sales for your business.

Be the next 8-figure ecommerce business by tuning in to this episode now!

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Cold traffic takes time to buy [01:16]
  2. What do you do with cold traffic? [03:59]
  3. How attribution drives the buying cycle and time conversion [05:05]
  4. Cold vs warm: lead conversion to sale conversion [06:52]
  5. How email marketingcombined with paid leadsseals the deal [08:16]
  6. Auto-tagging makes a difference [11:08]
  7. Why everyone’s moving to subscriptions LTV [12:44]

About Our Host:

Scott Desgrosseilliers is the Co-Founder & CEO of Wicked Reports. Starting out as a Database Administrator, he and his friend, Mark Murrell, made a breakthrough in digital marketing, particularly on Facebook and later founded Wicked Reports in 2015. Based in Marblehead, Massachusetts, the company has grown and is successfully helping small businesses and entrepreneurs get a real ROI and maximize their ad spending & unpaid social activities.

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