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Facebook Offline Conversion Sync and Attribution

Facebook Offline Conversion Sync and Attribution delivers 3 awesome benefits to our users:

  1. Last view attribution inside Facebook ad manager based on real sales and revenue
  2. Auto-optimization of Facebook adsets by feeding the Facebook audience algorithms the best data possible
  3. Facebook last view attribution tracking added to Wicked Reports’ customer journey attribution engines

Watch this 6 minute video, or read below, how Wicked Reports has partnered with Facebook to provide the latest game-changing technology for SMB Facebook marketers.

Hey guys, Scott here from Wicked Reports. I’m psyched to announce our Facebook Offline Conversion feature. It’s one of the most important features we’ve released in a while and I want to make sure you understand it and more importantly, you’re using it.

In case you’ve been busy in your day job growing your business, you may not have noticed, but Facebook costs are going up, they’re going up a lot. We know this because we use Facebook, and the costs are rising.

Facebook Bid is Too Low Alert

Furthermore, Facebook’s collected a lot of data about people and it’s now a math game.

Facebook advertising becoming more data driven

The Facebook data algorithm uses data, that you send it, to help it determine who’s gonna win the ad auctions. Furthermore, they’re trying to decide who’s most likely to convert from your ad or offer based on whichever ad set you’ve targeted, this has major implications.

facebook advertising bid algorithm


Here is Facebook’s guidance to its marketing partners, notice the particular points I’ve called out. Feed the algorithm, that’s what all these things are saying. We want more data and we can tell better than you, who in an asset is most likely to like your offer. How do they do this? They do it with data, and what’s the best data you have? It’s your order data.

facebook adset data optimization advice

Whenever you’re targeting any group of people on Facebook, if Facebook has your order data, they can use that to determine who in your target is most like your existing customers, and they will show that ad to those people ahead of other advertisers trying to get after the leads that you should be getting. We realized the implications of this a few months ago and worked furiously to bring you the Facebook Offline Conversion Sync.

facebook and wicked reports offline conversion data sync

Wicked Reports will push your order data in the format Facebook wants, daily up into their algorithms. This feeds the Facebook data algorithm, the data it needs so that it can find the best people within your sets to show your ad. In essence, it’s cherry picking your ad sets for you, so it’s critical you enable this feature.

facebook adset optimization

Furthermore, inside of Facebook, you’re now gonna be able to see real sales and revenue based on the last thing viewed in Facebook. This is good news.

real sales inside of Facebook ad manager based on last view attribution

Now, recall the customer journey, you can’t make massive spending decisions based on the last thing viewed in Facebook. However, it’s still helpful to know what our real customers with real orders seeing on the platform, and that’s what this does.

facebook last view attribution and the customer journey

But, there’s another huge benefit here, those of you using video ads or those of you using ads that you feel aren’t getting clicked on, but are giving you sales lift, Wicked Reports can now use Facebook’s data to increase our attribution.

facebook last view sales attribution inside of wicked reports

So when we do not detect a last click for something, we will ask Facebook, what’s the last view? And compliment our attribution models when we can trust it, so that you’ll even more Facebook ROI, when a campaign ad set and ad deserves it.

facebook last view attribution roi report

Think about this for a minute, you run an ad, you get people to click on your call to action, a lot of people click on it, but you’ve got a feeling that even more didn’t click, but it did impact them. If that’s the case, Wicked Reports can now tell you for sure. So I’m thrilled about that because this means we now have better attribution coverage than the mothership, FB.

So I hope you’re as excited about this as me, let’s look at exactly how to enable this, it’s quite simple. Go to authorizations, you’ll see that you’re already authorized Facebook. You’re gonna want to check the Facebook offline conversion line, it probably says off, if you’re seeing this video.

wicked reports facebook authorization without offline conversion sync

Unauthorized Facebook,

wicked reports facebook authorization unauthorize

reauthorize Facebook,

wicked reports facebook authorization reconnect

check that you do want offline conversions, and click, okay.

wicked reports facebook authorization accept terms

wicked reports facebook authorization with offline sync accepted

Now, there may be an additional step in Facebook, let’s go look at it. In your business manager, go to offline events and accept the Facebook terms of service.

facebook offline events manager

facebook offline events accept terms of service

In the event you’re having trouble here, it’s because your ad account does not have a business manager account, which means go here to get a business manager account, it’s free and it’s fast. Link your ad account, then come do this. That’s it.

no facebook business manager account steps

Then, every morning when we pull your orders to attribute them, we will also send them to Facebook. Then a day or two later, we will pull out the insights and update the view attribution when we can trust it.

offline events inside Facebook after sync

So you will have increased ROI and tracking across the board on your Facebook ads for anything that was last viewed and did not have a last click already. I am pumped, we worked with the Facebook product team on this particular attribution concept, we are the only ones doing it.

facebook adset optimization

Thanks to the success of this, we’ve got another mind blower that we’re working on, but for now, let’s be excited about this. Enable it in your accounts and sit back and enjoy the cherry picked ad sets based on customer similarity and the increased attribution in the real sales that you now see in Facebook, without having to do anything else, but a few clicks that I showed in this video. Thanks for your time, have a great day.



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