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WickedSmartz Makes for Smart Marketing

By Scott Desgrosseilliers on Nov 7, 2016 3:11:28 PM

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wickedsmartz for smart marketing

What good is a system for measuring your online ad results if you have to crunch all the numbers yourself?

  • After you spend hours going from spreadsheet to spreadsheet and column to column, do you actually know more about which ads and emails deliver revenue?
  • Do you waste valuable time on data analysis to find information instead of marketing to grow your business.
  • Do you ever yell at your computer to just, please, tell you what you need to know?
  • Does it give you an answer?

If you‘re a small business owner who wants to grow revenues, you need a system smart enough to perform all the quantitative work and then deliver a clear answer. You need one helpful enough to listen to a question posed in real English and provide exactly the information you need.  And you need graphics that shows you where to spend your dollars to get the best result, instead of just throwing numbers at you.

Get Answers from WickedSmartz

WickedSmartz™, our intelligent analytics interface, performs the complex technical tasks and quantitative analysis you've always had to do yourself. You’re a marketer, not a coder. Why should you have to master filtering, sorting, and analyzing data before you can start your real job of generating business?

Now you can ask WickedSmartz simple questions and get immediate answers about which programs create actual revenue and which just deliver clicks.

It’s time to let go of laborious number crunching.
You can stop scurrying from one report to another.
Forget trying to figure out what’s important.

Pick Your Question: Get an Answer

Choose one of seven critical questions and get answers from WickedSmartz that are fast, accurate, and easy to understand. Then move on to the work you really enjoy.

Here are the seven questions WickedSmartz answers for you. More will be added over time:

Wicked Reports Makes Your Job Easier 

Wicked Reports makes your job—and your life—easier because we understand both data and marketing. In fact, we can help you in six ways:

  1. You don’t have to set up links. We’ll take care of this tedious and time consuming task for you.
  1. You see First Click, First Optin, Re Optin, and Last Click. so you can assess how your marketing is working on all four major stages of the prospect-to-customer journey.
  1. We integrate with seven of the online marketing industry’s most important sources of information.
  1. You get a full-attribution impact assessment of your ads with WickedSmartz.
  1. You can reclaim the hours you’ve been spending crunching numbers.
  1. We give you the information you need at the right price to help a small to mid-size company grow.

Don’t wait. Take a look at WickedSmartz and you'll see how much easier online marketing metrics can be.