Today Wicked Reports announced the beta release of an entirely re-imagined Mission Control report suite to help ecommerce, subscription, and info course marketers optimize ad spend and increase ROI more easily.

These reports were developed as part of the Google UX design sprint process led by Wicked's partner management team at Google and with iterative participation from selected customers - sincere thanks to all who helped us get to this end result. A few key highlights:

Visual Customer Journey Explorer that connects critical conversion points cross-channel.  new-mission-visual-customer-journey


Wicked playbooks - a completely re-written precise how-to on exactly how to analyze marketing attribution ROI analytics and act decisively!

These playbooks are data-sensitive and will display the most important plays based on where your tracking and attribution data are indicating you should act.

Visual display with channel-level attribution of daily key metrics.


Quick hitting key metrics of your top channels


Tracking attribution health & Google conversion optimizations



And Wicked Smartz advice that highlights your top performing channel for a given conversion point - in this case email is crushing it for the middle funnel.

Wicked users can hop over to the new knowledge base post on mission control for more information.