Wicked Reports is growing! We are working our tails off to provide the best possible marketing attribution data and ROI for our customers. Watch the video below to find out how we're doing it!

We have been scaling our service really fast in response to new marketing needs from the iOS14 updates - growing at 100% - and we're investing into our services to ensure the absolute best customer experience.

  • MASSIVE investments in Customer Success.
  • More ACTIONABLE tips on how to use your data to grow revenue INSIDE the Wicked Reports App.
  • Weekly training - both recorded and live Q&As.
  • Doubled our servers - get your data FAST without lag or delays.
  • HUGE Google update showing you even MORE detailed data on your Google audiences.
  • More ad platforms integrated.
  • Every help doc has been UPDATED.


  • Facebook Conversions API.
  • NEW ability to schedule out daily or weekly reports automatically to your inbox for easier performance reporting.
  • Series on taking your social ads and using them in new ways on Google's platform for AMAZING TOF ROI.

Thank you for following us at Wicked Reports and we look forward to more opportunities to provide the most accurate marketing attribution available for optimized ads and maximized ROI that are not possible with any of service.

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