Wicked Reports is excited to announce a change to Google Ads tracking inside our dashboard!

You can now track attribution and performance of your Google Ads at the audience level. This change will also improve Google Ads cost matching.

This gives you a greater level of detail to review your Google Ads performance and make good marketing decisions. 

Here are some of the levels Wicked will track your ads against:

  • Keyword
  • Placement
  • Vertical
  • User List
  • User Interest
  • Age
  • Custom Affinity
  • Custom Audience
  • Custom In-Market
  • Gender
  • Parental status
  • Product Partition
  • Webpage
  • Youtube Channel
  • Youtube Video
  • Run of network
  • Household income
  • Mobile App Category
  • Mobile Application

To use this new Wicked feature, you won't need to do anything. Once the feature is on, you will begin noticing the new audience level tracking the following day in your Wicked reporting dashboard.

Please note also that while this change will enhance your reporting, term values may change and may result in your new ads not matching the older term values.

The Wicked team has been working hard to respond to your feedback and suggestions. Stay tuned for many more new features and improvements coming your way in 2021!