4 min read

How to Target Your YouTube Leads Using Search History

By Scott Desgrosseilliers on Oct 8, 2018 8:21:45 AM

Today I’d like to show you a powerful feature Google’s released: How to target your YouTube ads based on what someone has searched on.

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6 min read

An Easy Way to Track YouTube Leads

By Scott Desgrosseilliers on Oct 2, 2018 8:37:24 AM

In this video, Scott’s going to show you an easy, simple three-step process to track every single YouTube lead. The problem with tracking has been a problem since advertising was created itself. The father of advertising said, “Half my money is wasted. I just don’t know which half.” Well good news for us is that YouTube has made lead tracking way easier to do. So here’s your three-step process.

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