We’re excited to release our new ActiveCampaign integration. This enhanced integration makes accurately tracking the performance of your email marketing and marketing automation simple, fast, and easy. It’s the best email marketing and marketing automation integration we’ve ever built, the first of its kind, and it sets a new industry standard for email marketing attribution.


Here's why...

No UTMs required

Now, each click in every email campaign automatically tracked — no UTMs required. Gone are the days of gaps in your data because you forgot to add UTM codes and wasted hours spent painstakingly creating UTM codes one-by-one.

All your email marketing is tracked

The Wicked Reports integration tracks both one-off broadcast campaigns and automated emails sent by your ActiveCampaign automations, so all your email marketing is covered. You can see the revenue created by a sale announcement campaign and see the impact of an ongoing follow up campaign.

All-time historical data sync

When you set up the integration, it syncs all historical campaign click data from ActiveCampaign — not just campaigns you send going forward. You’ll be able to see the historical impact of every campaign you’ve sent and all future campaigns will be tracked automatically.

Track the email marketing metric that matters: revenue

Wicked Reports takes you beyond engagement oriented email marketing metrics, like open rate and clickthrough rate. Our patent-pending People-Based Tracking, shows you:

  • How many orders an email campaign generated
  • How many of those orders came from new customers versus existing customers
  • The exact amount of revenue the campaign generated
  • How each campaign fits into your customer journeys.

Wicked Reports ties together campaign click data from ActiveCampaign to order and customer data from your payment processing solution. You’re able to see the exact impact each email campaign has on your bottomline.

How to set up the new integration

If you’re an existing Wicked Reports customer using the ActiveCampaign integration, you don’t need to do anything. On March 2nd, this coming Friday, your account will be upgraded.

After Friday, you can start sending campaigns without adding UTM codes and they’ll be tracked. We recommend continuing to use ActiveCampaign’s Google Analytics integration, which automatically creates UTMs for each campaign, so that you can still track performance in Google Analytics.

The next time Wicked Reports syncs with ActiveCampaign, it will begin importing your historical email campaign data. In many cases, it will grab all your campaign data the first time it syncs. If you have a large amount of campaign data, it may take up to Monday, March 5th 2018 for all the historical campaign data to sync.

If aren’t using the ActiveCampaign integration yet and you’d like to set it up, go to Set up > Authorizations. Click the green “Connect” button next to the ActiveCampaign logo. Enter your ActiveCampaign API URL and Key, click Submit, and you’re done.

How to get started with Wicked Reports

If you’re interested in tracking the real return of your email marketing, paid ads, and other marketing, you can pick one of our affordable pricing plans or get a demo to see Wicked Reports in action.

If you have any questions about the integration, please contact us.

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