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Simplified. Multi-Channel. Actionable. Real. Trustworthy.

Our attribution solution simplifies tracking across all your marketing channels and provides actionable insights because we connect real 1st party transaction and sales data that you can trust. Get good data just like the big-time marketing companies but without an army of analysts and a multi-million dollar budget.

At Wicked Reports we understand ATTRIBUTION is not one-size fits all. We work with you to determine which attribution model fits your business.

Monthly subscription pricing for Wicked Reports is based on the amount of revenue we track for you in $1MM increments.
Use our revenue slider to get an estimate of monthly fee based on your annual revenue. 

On-boarding packages shorten the time to value and maximize your Wicked Reports investment. Full implementation ranges from 7-30 days, and our Customer Success team is here to make sure it is fast and effective. Packages are designed based on your tech stack, desired live support, and data analysis needs.

Select your annual revenue:  

Assuming $0 – $1MM in annual revenues, you will be billed $299 per month immediately in addition to your onboarding package one-time fee. Monthly billing based on actual revenue begins in month 2.



High-Quality Data

With high-quality data you get information you can rely on to make smart marketing decisions to pressing business questions like:
•    “What made people become customers?”
•    “Where did I first find them?”
•    “Where did I find them most recently?”
•    “Where did I convert them?”

Wicked Reports does the complicated analytics and gives you usable data you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

No, we do demo consultations instead. You can book one here.

A demo is the best option for learning how Wicked Reports can help your business grow with actionable insight. You’ll see it in action on a real business and you’ll have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like before getting started.

Do I have to sign a year long contract?

Our average customer takes 45-60 days to get into Phase III. Depending on your funnel complexity (Phase I) and sales cycle (Phase II), it could go faster or take longer for you.

How long does it take to set up Wicked Reports?

If you have already successfully been through the onboarding process and are purchasing additional accounts you have a choice.

If you would like us to onboard your subsequent accounts, we can offer you a 20% discount on the onboarding package of your choice.

If you are going to handle the onboarding yourself and do not require assistance from our support team, we can waive the onboarding fee for you and allow you to start paying your monthly subscription charges immediately.

Please talk to your sales rep for additional details.

Can someone set everything up for me and help me analyze my data?

If you would prefer our experts set everything up for you and get your reporting dialed in, you should consider our Complete On-boarding Package with end-to-end, done-for-you setup and configuration. Once you’re setup, you can talk to your project manager about setting up an ongoing coaching and consulting package.

How long does it take to get full ROI reporting?

The initial authorizations of Phase I typically happen very quickly and can often be accomplished within hours of signing up for Wicked Reports. The time it takes to set up tracking in Phase I depends on the complexity if your marketing funnel and the number of ad platforms and landing pages your

Does Wicked Reports work for subscription businesses?

Yes! This is one of the things that makes our attribution algorithm unique. You’re going to be able to see how much

Calculator revenue each piece of your marketing is worth over time, based on the lifetime value of your customers. We track the first sale, then add any subsequent purchases to the customer lifetime value. You see what you spent to acquire the customer the first time – but you won’t see any duplicate acquisition costs on subsequent purchases.

Will Wicked work with my particular set-up?

It’s a bit… unusual.

Probably. Wicked Reports works with most configurations. No tech stack is exactly alike which is why we go thorough such an extensive and thorough on-boarding process. We’ve seen just about every kind of funnel you can imagine. Wicked Reports can handle it all. In addition to our 1-click integrations, we have a Zapier integration, HTTP Post, and a flexible API.

If you’re CRM and Shopping Cart are not listed among our 22 native integrations, or if you use additional services that require special configuration to apply 3rd party tracking scripts for click or optin tracking, you should consider out Premium or Complete On-boarding packages.

Do you have an offering for Agencies?

Yes. We have a program to support agencies and consultants that you can learn more about at wickedreports.com/become-partner

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Learn how Wicked Reports SMART Attribution can help you learn what marketing activities are working and which are NOT working so you can increase ROI and scale your business.