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Wicked Reports now integrates with Zapier

Now you can use Wicked Reports with any of the hundreds of apps that have a Zapier integration

CRM, email, & marketing automation integrations

This is the key our patent-pending People-Based Tracking. We’re not tracking pixels, you’re able to see the actual lead from your CRM, everything they’ve clicked on, and how much those clicks are worth in terms of revenue.

             Drip - marketing automation         Clickfunnels marketing attribution               
                                Marketing attribution for limelight CRM

Advertising & analytics platform integrations

Your ad data is matched with your CRM and ecommerce data using our patent-pending algorithm to accurately attribute specific clicks to your customers’ journey. You can track any marketing or advertising regardless of whether it’s listed here. These integrations allow us to pull in the cost of your ads automatically.

Ecommerce & payment integrations

Wicked Reports automatically matches orders and revenue to leads in your CRM. That revenue is attributed to the appropriate point in the customer journey so that you can see when the customer first heard about your business, what made them become a lead, and what what drove their final buying decision.


Track your woocommerce sales         Marketing attribution for limelight CRM     

Don’t see your solution listed?

Don’t worry, you can still use Wicked Reports. You’re also able to update your order information by uploading a .csv export from your ecommerce solution, create a connection via our easy to use API, or send HTTP posts. 

Let us know what solution you’re using and we may be able to create an integration in the future.

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