Running an ecommerce business, one of the biggest challenges is being clear enough on “the numbers”. You have all these data inputs across email campaigns, Facebook, AdWords, content marketing links, and more, and each of these channels come with their own tracking and metrics.

You would think that having access to so much information would be liberating. But in fact, from the business owners and marketers we’ve talked to, it’s quite the opposite. It feels more like your handcuffed and shackled by your own numbers.

There’s a TON of data at your fingertips, but it’s confusing to know what to trust, what to track, and what to turn into action.

It’s like throwing darts in the dark.

Here’s the issue: data is useless if you can’t do anything with it.

It’s akin to oil in the ground – a raw material. It sits there. There’s lots of it. But it’s meaningless on its own.

That’s why we call it data mining.

The only way to make use of that raw material is to mine it. Refine your “oil” and make informed decisions about your company.

That’s how you turn data into insight. And as a marketer or business owner, this insight is crucial because in order to grow the business, you need to know what’s working NOW.

Ultimately, you have three choices with your ad spend: Scale it, Chill it, or Kill it.

That means you need to know the right metrics. Your data should work for you, not the other way around.

Amidst all your data sets, what if you had a set of metrics that actually helped you…

That showed you exactly what’s working and what’s not…

That indicated if you should scale, chill or kill a campaign…

There is.

After analyzing over $1.5 billion in sales data, we’ve determined The Golden 4 formulas to grow your ecommerce company.

Want to know what they are, how to calculate them, and why they help your business?

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